Shake off that holiday hangover and catch up on what you missed while you were busy building your own evil robo-Santa Claus. Highlights include spaceship buildings, insidious theories graphed out, and Terminator secrets.

The Unofficial Theory Of Sci-Fi Connectivity
If you've ever suspected that all of your favorite shows, books and comics all took place in the same universe, you're probably right. And we've got a chart to prove it. Click through for awesome.

Chilling Books to Read and Share in the Darkness of Winter
Want a low-cost gift whose beauty is that it reminds you winter is a time of shadowy, gothic dread? We've got seventeen seasonal depression books you'll want to read next to the fire.

"What is the name of a movie where two boys find a monster in their school toilet?"
The most awesome thing on the internet is when people post a vague, rambling description of a science fiction story they read, or saw — and most of the time, amazingly, someone identifies it.

What T4 Plot Secret Is Hidden In Terminator Salvation Busts?
DC Direct have unveiled a collection of very detailed Terminator Salvation busts including one very mysterious "T-RIP". Is the ending of T4 wrapped up in this figure somehow? Speculations and pics await you.

Buildings That Look Like Famous Spaceships: A Gallery
Science fiction's influences are all around us — even in your office buildings. Architects have drawn inspiration from the Death Star, the Borg Cube, and other famous spaceships, and here's a gallery to prove it.

Brad Pitt As Lion-O, Hugh Jackman As Tygra? This Is A Live Action ThunderCats I Support
It's only a matter of time before there's a ThunderCats movie. So do it right, Hollywood — as imagined in this trailer with Pitt, Jackman... and Vin Diesel as Panthro.

Carbon Nanotubes Will Rewire Your Brain, Make You Smarter
Carbon nanotubes, or hollow microscopic wires made of carbon (pictured), may one day replace some of the neurons in your brain. They could repair brain damage, or give a turbo boost to healthy brains.

Best of io9's Found Footage: NSFW, Just the Way You Like It
Nearly every day, io9 brings you a tiny dose of cinematic what-the-hellery called Found Footage. As a year-end treat, here are the ten most popular FF posts of 2008. NSFW, of course.

Why Do Aliens Among Us Always Go Native?
It never fails: an alien comes to Earth to study us, or spy on us, or hide from other aliens. And he/she always goes native. Just once, I'd like to see an unassimilated alien.