You'll never guess who's hooking up in Transformers 2 — but we've got the pics to prove it. Also, new Battlestar clips include a major Roslin twist. Plus Potter, Supernatural, Reaper and Wolverine. Spoilers ahoy!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Here are some alleged spy pics that show a robot being discovered behind a painted wall... could it be the Fallen, the movie's main villain? (To be honest, the pics are so blurry, it's really hard to tell.) [LiningupTV]

OMG toy spoilers! There have been rumors that Optimus Prime and Jetfire (the jet Transformer) could combine to form a half-jet, half-robot guy. And it looks like these pics confirm it. [TF08 via TFW2005]


Toy spoilers! Actually, not. Someone posted pics of the movie's tie-in toys, but they all say "Comic Series" on them, and they show the characters in their comic-book outfits. I got my hopes up that we'd actually see Deadpool in his comics gear for a second, but no. [Ohnotheydidn't]

Harry Potter:

Here are a couple new pics from Il Principe Mezzosangue. [BadTaste.It]

Battlestar Galactica:

Cylon actor Matthew Bennett was at a convention a while back, and now there's a full report. He says his character has some scenes with the final Cylon. And the final Cylon is a him, her or it. [Melancholy Geek]

And here are a few new teasers that just aired on Sci Fi. Is Roslin really going blind? And is she in a cell in that last snippet? [Battlestar Blog]


Now that Jim Beaver has been cast on the new midseason show Harper's Island, what's going to happen to his Supernatural character, Bobby? Worry not. He will reappear in episode 14 (the fourth one after the midseason break) and several more after that. [TV Guide]


Also, in episode 4x11, "Family Remains," Sam and Dean investigate a house occupied by a female ghost, but then a new family moves in and complicates things. The brothers can't convince the family to move out, but then the family's son gets kidnapped inside the walls, and it's up to Sam and Dean to save him. And here are some pics! [TenGossip and MultipleVerses]


Jessica Stroup, who plays Sam's love interest Cady, is joining the 90210 cast. Reaper wanted her to come back in season two, but sadly she won't be able to appear. But meanwhile, Sock will have lots of static with his new stepsister (Eriko Tamura from Heroes.) [TV Guide again]