New Year's Day approaches, when brave warriors at an enduro destructo-race will don protective helmets and strap themselves to mighty vehicles of destruction, destined to wage war on the frozen fields of a wreckage-strewn wasteland.

A few things have changed since we last saw the Apocalypsemobile. It runs now, which is nice (though the "door ajar" alarm sounds constantly whenever the battery is connected). A hole has been carved into the hood - the rules dictate this modification "to expose the carburetor for fire fighting," and we followed the rules even though this car has no carburetor. You may also note the fin on the roof, required by the rules because the numbers on the side of the car will be obscured by mud almost instantly.

Recent work on the car has been somewhat difficult due to it being really freaking cold out. The temperature was 18 degrees F when I took these photos, and it was colder than that when we mounted the fin and painted it (I know, the paint on the fin looks pretty bad - I'll fix it before the race). On the other hand, the Apocalypsemobile looks great in its natural environment, a frigid post-apocalyptic wasteland rimmed with monstrous snow drifts, echoing with the howls of cannibalistic mutants. Seriously, it's a rough neighborhood.


The Apocalypsemobile has come a long way since it was first introduced. On January 1, 2009 it will enter it's first (and probably only) competition, in the 4-cylinder division of the enduro Hangover 150, held each year at Ransomville Speedway in Ransomville, NY. Fans who attend are asked to bring a non-perishable food item. Typically, this race brings in several large truckloads of food for local pantries. This year, the food will go to the Niagara Community Action Program.

Now enjoy your last look at the Apocalypsemobile before it meets whatever fate awaits it (with me inside!). With just some minor tinkering left to get done, mostly involving the seat belts, we're ready to roll. A trailer has been reserved. The car has been registered. A helmet has been borrowed. Friends and family have charged the batteries in their digital cameras (we should have video footage, too).

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