Motoda Hisaharu looks far into Tokyo's future and creates detailed illustrations of the peaceful ruins of the once-bustling city. Check out our gallery of his quiet, post-apocalyptic lithographs.

Much like fellow apocalyptic artist Tokyo Fantasy, Motoda imagines a Tokyo where plant life has reasserted itself after decades of human development:

If you think of Japan, you may have a strong image of beautiful nature and oriental culture. However, after experiencing the period of the high growth of economy, Japan now suffers environmental disruption everywhere. When you come to Japan, you might not even find it beautiful. It is a pity, but it is true. Recently, the government and local government took it seriously, and started to consider creating a nature-friendly-environment. The awareness of people is not enough yet, though.

His lithographs are based on the Japanese tradition of austere refinement, removing the bright colors and constant motion of modern Tokyo in favor of beautiful, slowly crumbling monuments to Japanese culture.

[Motoda Hisaharu via Environmental Graffiti]