Coraline is opening the doors to her home, where you can dance with mice, download gorgeous wallpapers, make your own starry sweater and buttonize yourself with the cast of Neil Gaiman's stop-motion movie.

The Coraline site is now offering a very detailed tour of Coarline's home, which will take you all over the Other Mother dimension and allow you to sew button eyes over your own pictures (I did Wolverine).


The entire house is a veritable treasure trove of goodies, but I was most excited about the gorgeous posters of Coraline wallpaper and button collection offered in Coraline's room.

If you journey down the well in Coraline's world, there is an extensive collection of behind the scenes footage. Besides the previous behind the scene footage, I think these pics truly demonstrate the incredibly detailed and nit picky job creating Coraline must have been. But a job well done because so far it looks absolutely stunning, especially the cherry blossom field made of popcorn.

Check out the site and watch her Other Dad get played by his piano for and download instructions on how to knit your own starry Coraline sweater.

Also it turns out that Coraline is getting her own signature Nike Dunks — now this is a girl after my own heart. So this girl gets a secret world with cooler parents (sorta) and dancing mice, and now she gets her own line of Nikes? Maybe this whole button eye-replacement thing isn't as bad as it sounds. They are a limited collection (of course), so thanks — now I have to spend the next five days tracking these down. Here is the only tiny picture I could find of them so far.

Coraline, which is based on the story by Neil Gaiman will be in theaters on February 6th.