Dwayne Johnson is the latest star to have his disembodied head in mid-air, in the poster for Disney's reboot Race To Witch Mountain. Check out the greatest floating-head posters from scifi movies past, below.

So why is the Rock's head so much bigger than the kids' heads? It's the classic movie poster thing of head size arranged according to paycheck. Also, Disney's new poster is clearly striving for that, "come see the Rock" because we paid him a lot.


Race To Witch Mountain is the rebooted children's movie about a couple of tyke aliens with mind powers, who are being hunted by the government (and, in the new one, Master Chief). The kiddies must rely on the kindness of one do-gooding cab driver to get them home before they get exploded by the alien bounty hunter or dissected by the government. Check out the trailer and tell me if you think The Rock is cooking, whatever it is he talks about cooking.

But for now, let's pay homage to the classic floating heads that came before this orange beast, such as Captain EO, many Star Wars one sheets and Indiana Jones. But I can hardly mention the floating head with out showing the hilarious making of clip from funny or die.

Research by Elizabeth Weinbloom.

Movie Poster Floating Heads - watch more funny videos

Race To Witch Mountain will be out next March.

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