Click to viewThe starlets of tomorrow will emote in the depths of space and at the bottom of the ocean. That's because gynoids will replace all our favorite actresses! This gallery is sleazy, but probably work-safe.

I've been mesmerized and alarmed, looking through a giant Flickr set of fembot art, mostly created in Photoshop. It's a weird mixture of the titillating and the disturbing. The only way you know these woman are fembots is if they're flawed somehow, so the images divide into two categories: fembots suffering damage (usually with sparks flying out) and fembots who are seductively removing their faces or synthetic skins. It's like torn clothing or a striptease, only way more personal. And yet impersonal, because of their blank emotionless faces.

Way more pics at the link. [Meifembot on Flickr, thanks to Olga]