Want to get dressed up nerd-style this holiday, or help a nerd get stylish? Consider picking up a nice top from our gallery of fourteen brilliant scifi-themed tees.

Of course no gallery of scifi-themed shirts could ever be exhaustive, but we've got a nice selection here of whimsical, artistic, and referencey. And of course, don't forget to pick up an io9 t-shirt from our Neighborhoodies collection. All proceeds from our io9 tees go to the Carl Brandon Society.

I love this Twi'lek Pinup [via StarWarsShop] - it's like the dearly-departed Bettie Page crossed with alien sizzle.


And if you're smarting over the recent remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, you'll want to shout your loyalty to the original with this Klaatu Barada Nikto shirt [via Retropolis Transit Authority].

This shirt is called Better Recognize [via MiniCassettes] because you'd better recognize the most evil vector drawing in scifi history. (Hint: You saw it in Tron.)

Three little robots make a nice beginning for your army in a shirt called Mechanical Breakdown [via ReThink].


The shirt called The House that Romero Built [via Mediocore] is pure luxury, with those big zombies emblazoned all over your chest.

I am a huge fan of all the tees from Loyal Army, but Spaceships is the cutest space-themed tee I've ever laid eyes on.

Speaking of cute tees, Dinosaur Attack [via Divine Clothing Co] is the perfect shirt for the person who dreams of dinosaurs and giant monsters.

Wow, it's full of stars. That's right, that gorgeous, award-winning Live Long and Prosper shirt [via MadeByHumans] is basically the loveliest depiction you could imagine of the classic Vulcan greeting.

For booklovers, there's nothing better than Take Me to Your Reader [via Cameesa], an amazing shirt that shows a UFO book showering an innocent Earthling with words.

There's nothing better than a random scientific diagram of holiday-esque trees, which you'll find on the How To Shirt [via Assembly of Text].


Got Space? [via Zazzle] shows a highly-detailed view of the Hubble telescope. Basically, nothing could be more awesome than that.

Vampires Beware, by Ian Leino [via Threadless] depicts all the tools you'd find in a Victorian vampire-killing kit. Show all those Twilight fans how you really feel.

If you're feeling steampunky, tentacly, or just alternative history-ish, Two Guys & An Octopus, by Resist Today [via Shanalogic] might be just the ticket.