It's slim pickins as the holidays beat down upon us. Terminator, Pushing Daisies, Chuck and Heroes bring us tidings of new episodes. But along with the good comes a live-action Snow Miser blasphemy.


The Sarah Connor Chronicles -
Cameron is sick and tired of having Riley around this week. Also Sarah goes to a UFO convention and tracks down a blogger who knows the significance of the three dots. Please don't beat us up, Sarah! TSCC is on Fox at 8 PM

TSCC Clip:

TSCC Clip:

TSCC Promo:

Chuck -
It's a very merry Chuckmas special on NBC this week. Our floppy headed hero gets held hostage and Casey gets shot, but the biggest surprise of all is Sarah's gift. Chuck is on 9 PM.

Chuck Promo:

Heroes -
More fighting from the brothers, side choosing and destiny following as the "Villains" arc winds down. Start placing your bets on which brother is going to kick it this time. Heroes, the show with no real consequences, is on 9 PM on NBC.

Heroes Clip:

Heroes Promo:

My Own Worst Enemy -
Over on the personality switcheroo show, Edward thinks he can solve their problem once and for all — he just needs to sacrifice his children to the wraith god. Oh what, like you're watching this show? MOWE is on NBC at 10 PM.


Gundam 00 -
One full hour of mecha madness on the Sci Fi Channel from 11 PM until 12.

Watch Uma Thurman kick Luke Wilson's ass as a crazy ex-girlfriend who just so happen to have super powers on My Super Ex-Girlfriend on 4:40 PM on HBO.


No new Fringe this week

The Universe -
Get a brain full of deadly comets and meteors and find out which one killed my friend Mr. Dinosaur. And what sky rock will probably Deep Impact our little planet. The Universe is on The History Channel at 9 PM.

The Universe Promo:


Pushing Daisies -
Norwegian detectives flood the pie maker's place of work, and they may uncover Chuck's secret. Pushing Daisies is on ABC at 8 PM.


Are the muppets fantasy or scifi? I don't know but they're having a kick ass Christmas special on NBC at 8 PM. Be there, or no longer be my friend.

There's silver liquid robot madness over at AMC. That's right, the biggest and the best terminator (Terminator 2) is on at 5 PM. And if you're jonesing for even more Terminator madness, Terminator 3 is on FX at 8 and 10:30 PM.


No new Smallville this week.

No new Supernatural this week.

No new Life On Mars this week.

No new Eleventh Hour this week.

Testees -
Ron and Pete are given a blind test from Testico, but they won't tell them the side effects. So the two stop eating and sleeping, and fall into madness worrying about what will happen to them. "Project X" is on FX at 11 PM.

The best kind of wars happen with dragons, so brace yourself for Dragonwars on the Sci Fi Channel at 7 PM.

And later celebrate the holidays with a hottie mutants and buggy eyes. Total Recall is on the Sci Fi Channel at 9 PM.

Word is still out weather or no Whoville is another planet, I'm saying probably. Watch the original and see if you can tell what part of the galaxy the Grinch lives, in Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas at 8 PM on ABC Family.


No new Batman: The Brave And The Bold this week.

No new Clone Wars

No new Stargate

Sanctuary -
The monster squad over at Sanctuary track a rare creature while the news cameras are rolling. Sanctuary is on the Sci Fi Channel at 10 PM.


I'm going to go ahead and argue that the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies are urban fantasy. The Santa Clause 2 is on ABC Family at 8 PM. Watch as Santa finds himself a mate for life.


Blow some shit up with Tom Cruise and friends, in J.J. Abrams' Mission Impossible 3 on TNT at 8 PM.



John Goodman plays Jolly Old Saint Nick and Delta Burke is the first lady of holidays, in this is the live action retelling of the classic stop motion The Year With Out Santa Claus. But sorry, no stop motion Snow Miser? No deal, fellas. The Year Without A Santa Claus is on ABC Family 11 AM.

Here's the original Stop Motion Miser dance:

Here Is the Live Action Miser Dance (I'm sorry):