The Wolverine trailer debuted with that Keanu remake, and someone managed to download their ocular impressions into a portable device. (The crystal clear version goes online Monday.) It looks like a lovely cheese fest.

I totally want William Stryker to be my life coach. "All the horrible things in your life... Your father... wars... knowing that the woman you loved was utterly gone... I can make all that go away. Become the animal! Embrace the other side!" I can see the leaflets now.

Nice glimpses of Gambit (being all bad-ass with his throwy playing cards), the Blob, and Emma Frost (icing up to ice somebody.) I'm also a sucker for any movie where someone says "We have to stop him," and someone else says, "We just spent the entire financial industry bailout money making him unstoppable."


Bottom line: I feel reasonably sure this movie will be better than X-Men 3, based on this trailer. What do you think?