Too buying out all the best toys and selling them elsewhere for double the price? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you.

Your Holiday Toy Woes, Solved
It's the holiday season, and that can only mean one thing: You need to buy toys. Even if you don't know any children, it's a fair bet to say that you've at least been tempted to spend some money on an action figure or two, even for yourself. Whatever the reason, we're saying that it's definitely the time of year for toys for all girls and boys - and here are some picks that we hope you find in your stocking on the day.

Novels That Put The Fun Back Into The Post-Apocalypse
A new literary sub-genre is being born today, while you nap at your desk. It features larger-than-life, and often comical, characters having bizarro adventures after the end of the world.

The Science Behind Giant Robot Gort
One of the huge hunks of coolness that everybody is anticipating when The Day the Earth Stood Still lands in theaters this Friday is eco-conscious alien Klaatu's sidekick, the deadly bot Gort. In the original 1950s flick, Gort was a smooth, silver menace with a cylon-style eye glowing out of his wrap-around visor. In the remake he's also giant, and one of his updated powers reflects today's cutting-edge research in robotics. (Mild spoilers ahead.)

Shot-By-Shot Breakdown Of Terminator Trailer's Mayhem
No wonder John Connor is always so pissed: his calendar is full of Terminator slaying, leading a rebellion, running from giant harvester bots, and a whole lot more.

20 DVDs To Give The Person Who's Seen It All
Holiday shopping used to be a terrifying proposition, until the DVD box set came along. DVDs are pretty much always the best presents for anyone who likes watching stuff. And this holiday season sees a particularly awesome bounty of new releases, including complete TV series box sets and remastered classics. Here are the 20 recent DVD releases that are the best bets for holiday presents, including clips of DVD extras.


Don Draper Solves the Alien Problem With Scotch
At the premiere for Day the Earth Stood Still, we nabbed cast member Jon Hamm and asked what his Mad Men character Don Draper would do to stop angry alien Klaatu.

Would John Cena Fill The Sunglasses Of Roddy Piper?
They Live may be getting a modern day remake. Commenters suggested TV wrestler-turned-actor John Cena should redo "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's amazing five-minute fight - so we asked him if he would.

Godzilla Will Fill Your 8 Nights With Terror: Science Fictional Holiday Decorations
This holiday season, deck the halls with boughs on stardust, pass out droid dreidels, and trim the tree with alien symbiotes. Here are the best holiday decorations and ornament starting with a Godzilla menorah.