Spoilers illuminate your world. Case in point: Joss Whedon's explanation of a typical Dollhouse episode sounds, finally, like a TV show and not a Philip K. Dick novel. What else can spoilers do for you?

Well, let's see. There's a new Watchmen trailer. Some new stills from Dragonball. A Lost set report that adds yet another far-flung country to the roster of places Hawaii has impersonated. A metric shit-ton of Heroes spoilers, including clips and set pics. Plus spoilers for Clone Wars, Kyle XY, The Survivors, Flash Forward, Supernatural, Chuck and True Blood. Spoilers are electric!


Here's a new international trailer, with a smidgen of new footage that wasn't in all the other trailers. In particular, kid Rorschach. [Thanks David!]

Dragonball Evolution:

Here are a couple of new stills, showing Goku in action, and Grandpa Gohan. [DBThemovie]


Honolulu doubled for Russia, complete with fake snow, for a scene involving a black-clad Sayid leaving the offices of Oldham Pharmaceuticals. Sayid was hiding something inside his leather jacket. [Hawaii Weblog]


Okay, so you know that Joss Whedon's new show is about empty-brained people who can be hired to be anyone or anything you want. But what kind of person would want to hire an empty-brained puppet anyway? Joss says that's the whole question the show will answer, week after week:

”Who would want them to do this and why?” is sort of what keeps it interesting every week. Sometimes it’s somebody extraordinarily nefarious and sometimes it’s somebody very decent, but usually, it’s all the way in between. I mean, as long as nobody gets hurt, as long as the Actives are not harmed, everything’s good, everything is game. Some people would abuse that and some people need it.

Ultimately, you’ll find the one thing that every episode has in common is that Echo is the person you need at that point in your life to either turn your life around, to give you the moment you thought you’d never have, or to pull you out of a place you think you can’t get out of. Or to rob the bank. Whatever it is, she’s a kind of life coach, without even meaning to be. She’s always the perfect person for whatever it is you need.

Sometimes there will be B stories – we’ll always see the workings of the Dollhouse, but we’ll also see other Actives on other engagements, and sometimes they’ll just be B stories, sometimes they’ll cross over or sometimes they’ll just connect thematically.


Flash Forward:

Producer David S. Goyer explains the storyline of this new show, based on a Robert Sawyer novel:

The basic idea, without giving too much away — because not unlike Lost, ... it is a serialized show and there are a lot of sort of twists and turns — but in the pilot there is an event that happens, and everyone on the planet, 6 billion people, all black out at exactly the same time. And they black out for two minutes and 17 seconds. For the same duration, and wake up at the same time. And so initially there's tremendous amount of cataclysm—people that are driving cars and flying planes, things like that. But what you learn in the pilot is it's not just that they blacked out. The consciousness of the human race actually jumped forward five months for those two minutes. So if five months from now, the two of us were going to be having this conversation, you and I would both remember those two minutes of the conversation. It's a consistent future.

[Sci Fi Wire]


Will there be melodrama in Monday's midseason finale? (Does cake have frosting?) See for yourself. [HeroesTelevision]

Plus here are some interviews and behind the scenes footage, explaining what happens with Mohinder on Monday, plus how Monday's episode leads into the "Fugitives" arc. (Did you know that Sendhil Ramamurthy has an American accent? I wish he could talk like this on the show.)

Also, the BBC had a segment showcasing two sets from the "Fugitives" arc, the Harbor Watch Shop and a Tokyo street scene. Sounds like Sylar gets in touch with his watchmaker roots, and maybe Hiro visits a red light district? Here are some screencaps. [Heroes Spoilers]


The producers do want to bring back Anna the angel at some point, although it's not clear when right now. After all, there's an obvious appeal to having Dean dating a disgruntled angel while Sam dates a reformed devil. [E! Online]


Here's a new promo for Monday's episode:

The Survivors:

Former government minister Samantha Willis, who ends up running a commune of survivors, has to cling to the idea that society can be rebuilt, says actor Nikki Amuka-Bird:

I think it becomes her reason for living. She's lost her family; she's lost everything. If something like that happened to you, you'd think "Why me? Why am I the last one standing? Why am I alive?" Her purpose becomes to be of some use, and to help others. She takes the responsibility of making whatever decisions she can to build the future.

[Total Sci Fi]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here's another cool pic from tonight's episode, "Lair Of Grievous". [Warner Bros.]

True Blood:

Here's what happens next season, according to producer Alan Ball:

Jason goes into the Fellowship of the Sun church in a big way and is surprised by what he finds there. There’s a new creature in town that is unlike any other. Nobody knows what this creature is, I’m not sure if it will be entirely explained in the show — it’s not a werewolf. There are new romances for Tara, Jason and Sara. Bill and Sookie have a lot of issues to sort out — including having made a new teenage vampire that’s living in their house. Bill and Sookie also go to Dallas to find one of their own who has gone missing.


Kyle XY:

Here's a whole slew of pics from season three, showcasing that Kyle/Jessi team-up and their daring rescue of Amanda. [SpoilerTV]