Apparently, Starbuck's gotten taller, or we've gotten a lot more breast-obsessed, going by this new Battlestar Galactica poster. And meanwhile, it turns out Felix Gaeta's sexual orientation isn't quite what you've heard. Spoilers ahead.

The show returns just over a month from now, but the Felix Gaeta-centric webisodes start tomorrow at 11 AM CST. As we've reported, they'll reveal that Gaeta is having a hot same-sex relationship with Lt. Hoshi, formerly from the Battlestar Pegasus. But we won't learn that Gaeta is gay, says Grace Park. That's because flashbacks will reveal that Gaeta was sleeping with one of the Number Eight "Sharon" Cylons during the occupation on New Caprica. Gaeta thought he and the Eight were in love... until he found out otherwise. Gaeta "swings both ways," Park tells TV Guide.

In the webisode series, "The Face Of The Enemy," Gaeta is trapped on a Raptor that's running out of oxygen, and someone/something is murdering the crew one by one.


Meanwhile, writer Mark Verheiden promised the very next BSG episode, "Sometimes A Great Notion," will leave you gasping for air:

Much is revealed and there are some story turns that will leave viewers in shock. I'm talking big-time, gut-punch, "oh my God, did I just see that?" stuff. And it just rolls from there...

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