Virus gets a bum rap, but its special effects are incredible. No film, before or since, has depicted cyborgs as so improvised, so ramshackle, so... crappy. And, maybe as a result, so terrifying.

Donald Sutherland tries to convince an alien intelligence he's the "dominant lifeform," and gets turned into a hulking half-robot for his pains. Jamie Lee Curtis learns that in the battle between cyborgs and wooden chairs, cyborgs will always win.

Gale Ann Hurd (Terminator, Aliens, Armageddon) produced this somewhat muddled alien scavenger-at-sea tale, and you can definitely see the trademark Hurd horror in all the scenes of people's brains getting carved out and bodies getting turned into extra machine junctions. It's directed by John Bruno, who's not surprisingly a special effects expert who won an Oscar for his work on The Abyss. [IMDB]