We won't get to see the Cylon-centric Battlestar Galactica TV movie, "The Plan," until sometime next year. But lucky fans got to look at a few script pages from "The Plan," which offer tantalizing hints.

Scene one: Simon (the Cylon doctor) is sharing a cabin on Galactica with someone named Diana, who's a deckhand. (My money here is on Diana Seelix, who was a deckhand before she became a pilot.) Diana is complaining about how Chief Tyrol made her check Starbuck's Raptor. And Simon tells her there's more to life than duty, and she should live a little, since she's seen how everything comes to an end. Simon tries to get Diana to dance with him, and she asks if he's drunk. And then Simon accidentally wakes up their baby. (Simon and Seelix have a baby? OMG!)


Scene two: Anders meets up with Brother Cavil, shortly after becoming the leader of the resistance on Caprica. Anders confesses that he hates being a fighter and doesn't know what he's doing — he's borrowed battle tactics from a movie he saw once. His resistance fighters saved this Cavil model, not realizing Cavil's a Cylon. Cavil tries to soothe Anders, but also tries to convince him that he should forgive the Cylons.

Scene three: Cavil meets a drunk Ellen Tigh in a strip club, shortly before the Cylon attacks. She hits on him, and he reciprocates. She complains about Saul, whom she's decided to divorce. At first she thinks Cavil is nothing like Saul, but then she decides Cavil is just like Saul after all. Cavil is just trying to get closer to Ellen, when the bombs start going off. Cavil says, "This was a bit premature." (And there's a hint that Cavil had something to do with getting Ellen on a ship to safety.)

So... the TV movie is supposedly about the Cylons' point of view on the events of BSG, and how they adapted to the fact that humans survived the attacks. I can't help wondering if this means either Seelix or Ellen is a Cylon. Also, what happened to Simon and Diana's baby, which is either half-Cylon or full Cylon? [Thanks to MelancholyGeek]