Click to viewNo wonder John Connor is always so pissed: his calendar is full of Terminator slaying, leading a rebellion, running from giant harvester bots, and a whole lot more.

We sat down and broke apart every little detail from the new trailer that we think is worth pointing out, including Kyle Reese's mannerisms, details on the love life between John Connor and his wife... and who may be still standing at the end. Plenty of screencaps, and spoilers, below.

Up top you've got the one and only John Connor, ladies and gentlemen: he lands his helicopter on the Terminator then shoots it in the head, just to be sure, multi-tasking is tricky, and what is that head piece? Hello Stargate.

Baby Kyle Reese is played by the adorable Anton Yelchin — and it appears he already has the Michael Biehn toothy smile down pat.

In the future, everyone drives jeeps or trucks that look like they belong in the Road Warrior, and all is as it should be.

Amazing zooming moto-terminators with what looks like a couple of side arms and the terminator red-eye problem. Check out the harvester in the background — bring it!

Looks like the humans have been forced to live underground again, with Common.

Holy hell, those are some awesome Terminators. What's with the doohickies above their heads? Can they fly? They can fly, can't they? I mean, we know that the big ones can fly, but personal flying Terminators would be amazingtastic. UPDATE: All right, maybe it is a factory.

One muddy man, who I'm assuming is Sam Worthington's character Marcus after he escaped the evil Terminator labs, I mean Bale is big, but I don't know if he's that big.

Look at all the face scars on tied-up Marcus, John Connor doesn't trust him... nor should he!

Speaking of the evil Terminator labs, it looks like the humans are getting crushed in a giant trash compactor.

With Spikes!

Check this out: someone who is presumably naked just beat the hell out of a Terminator, and is about to use the arm gun to bust his naked ass out, I'm assuming this is all part of Marcus' great escape. Update: tsunamitomi made a good point that this could also be a portal or a time travel, so feasts your minds on that.

The freeing of the humans. This is a little Oz "Brand New Day" for me.

Connor snuggles a little too close to a Terminator face.

Lovers running! Moon Bloodgood playing Blair Williams runs with her alleged lover Marcus, but why is she smiling? Bad acting, or does she know something we don't?

Wheelies! If there is a god, this is Bale.

Ack, Connor is hurt. Quick, Common and Marcus - carry him to his wife before something bad happens.

Oh crap something bad happened, slo mo screaming is never a good sign. But I will say, Bryce Dallas Howard is looking like one hot Mrs. Connor.

Oh, and SHE'S PREGNANT. What?

What is this place? A secret lab for turning people into robots, possibly? Hey, it's been suggested. And who's that guy? Are there still humans working for the Terminators?

Hydro bot wrasslin'.

Please tell me who this is. Is it John or is it Marcus? Because one of them is clearly dead, by the looks of it.

More Harvester action.