Today's spoilers cut a wide swathe through your entertainment future. Find out just how John Cleese saves the day in The Day The Earth Stood Still. Plus have another glimpse of a new Transformers Decepticon. There are script snippets for Doctor Who and Smallville, showing unholy forces at work in both shows. And some new casting calls for the David Goyer-does-Robert Sawyer show Flash Forward. And there are some tantalizing details for the new Stargate Universe show. Plus mind-altering hints for Dragonball, Push, Heroes, The Survivors, Star Wars, Knight Rider and Supernatural. Spoilers are like unto the gods — they toy with us for their sport.

The Day The Earth Stood Still:

When all seems lost, an unusually serious John Cleese shows up to talk to Klaatu in this movie remake. And, according to director Scott Derrickson, Cleese tells Klaatu that "it is human nature for us to destroy each other. But it is also human nature to have to get into those really difficult messes before there is enough motivation and enough admission of the truth to make the significant changes that are necessary for us to evolve." [Discover Magazine]


Emmy Rossum says the movie's big Goku/Piccolo fight is awesome. And her character is an intellectual scientist who rides a motorcycle and fights using martial arts. [DBTheMovie]

Transformers: Revenge Of Fallen:

Tyrese Gibson shoots down rumors that his character dies in the new movie, because "I am too sexy to die." [TransformersLive]


Another day, another toy spoiler. This time, it's the toy that supposedly shows how Laserbeak will look in the new movie. Laserbeak!! More pics at link. [TFW2005]


Here's a new international trailer for this Hong Kong superteen movie, that includes a bit more telekinetic fighty action.

Doctor Who:

The official site has been updated with a game that unlocks some new pics from "The Next Doctor," and a script excerpt featuring a sinister figure turning up at a funeral. [Planet Gallifrey]

Meanwhile, what's the deal with the "Other Doctor"? David Morrisey sort of doesn't explain. Except more hints that his Doctor has "major issues." [SpoilerTV]

Flash Forward:

A new casting call gives a couple of plot hints for this David S. Goyer/Brannon Braga show where everyone in the world blacks out for 2 minutes and has a vision of the future. (Based on the Robert Sawyer novel.)


A sassy British agent, Agent Banks, is having a meeting with Gough about a case, Gough's vision of the future. Gough contacts her, and she confirms that she shared the same vision in every particular. Meanwhile, a South African woman, Kathleen DeVries, calls Dominic (John Cho) to warn him of his appearance in her own disastrous future vision. [SpoilerTV]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

That Navy sub episode we mentioned includes a pair of identitical twins playing Navy sailors. It's hinted that there may be identical models of Terminator infiltrating the U.S. military. (Why would that be useful? More likely, it's the real human and the cyborg replacing her, which the show's already done a few times.) [E! Online]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here's a promo pic from Friday night's episode, where Jedi Master Kit Fisto explores the "Lair Of Grievous," along with his former Padawan, who's tempted to go to the dark side. The clips on the Clone Wars movie DVD made me pretty excited about this one. [Warner Bros.]

Stargate Universe:

The first episode of this youngsters-trapped-in-space spinoff is called "Air," and it introduces the young team and gets them aboard the Ancient ship Destiny, which was sent out aeons ago to explore worlds that another ship had previously seeded with Stargates. [GateWorld]


New casting sides reveal plot details for 8x17, "Hex." Oliver meets Cassie, a witch who has lots of pictures of him. She needs Ollie to steal something for her — an item which Lex Luthor collected before he disappeared. (Sounds like she's Zatanna? She talks about her dead magician father.) Cassie offers to bring Ollie's dead parents back, and he tells her the object is too dangerous for her to possess. [SpoilerTV]


Daphne isn't on that plane that crashes during the "Fugitives" arc, killing a bunch of people. Instead, she's looking for our heroes, including her true love Matt Parkman. And the people chasing the heroes are being paid by the government. [E! Online]

Meanwhile, it's still true that a perky blonde heroine (involved in a hot romance) appears to die, but it's all a coverup. And Peter will get his abilities back within a few episodes. And in "Fugitives," we'll learn that Nathan and Tracy's main objective isn't just to create supersoldiers, it's more to do with command and control issues. Having soldiers at Guantanamo Bay who can literally see through people could turn out to be very useful. [E! Online again]


In an upcoming episode, Morgan passes off the task of hiring a new coworker to Jeff and Lester, who trick some Sports Illustrated models into thinking they're actually trying to hire a cover girl for the Buy More catalog. And when the girls find out they've been had, they take it out on Chuck, smacking him across the face. In that same episode, Morgan has to disrobe right after the aforementioned models, which is not a good comparison. And he drags his feet on moving in with Anna. And here's video. [E! Online]


Dean plays chess with the Grim Reaper in the upcoming "Death Takes A Holiday." [E! Online]

The Survivors:

In an upcoming episode, according to star Julie Graham, "we come across a group of travellers and one of the women is pregnant. She lost her children to the virus but is expecting again. We had these beautiful twin boys on set taking turns to play the newborn son." [People.Co.UK]

Knight Rider:

What's in store for the last batch of episodes of this chatty car show? Admit it, you're curious. Star Jason Bruening has some hints about the appearance of KARR and the non-appearance of most of the show's supporting cast. [Knight Rider Online]

Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.