Sometimes buildings behave just like giant monsters, rampaging through the skies and attacking other buildings for sport. Such is obviously the case with the Modern Art Museum in Vienna, where a house was so offended by the giant gray behemoth that it hurled itself into the museum roof. What happens when American buildings get angry? See below.

In the U.S., houses rarely attack museums. But an entire building in Tennessee did hurl itself through the air until it crashed down and became a hands-on disaster museum called WonderWorks. Full of disaster-oriented attractions, WonderWorks even has a cafe that recreates the San Francisco Earthquake (no, not the famous 1906 one, the 1989 Loma Prieta quake - WTF?).

But in the Netherlands, you can actually live in apartment buildings that look like they are about to attack you. This apartment complex in Rotterdam looks like the toothy mouth of a monster who would love to chomp the hell out of you. Ah, home sweet home.

Inspired by 50 Strange Buildings of the World [via Village of Joy]

Modern Art Museum in Vienna, by Dom Dada.

Image of WonderWorks via WonderWorks.

Rotterdam housing by vpzone.