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The last couple of seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation seemed to be leading up to showing Ensign Ro Laren joining the crew of Deep Space Nine, orbiting her homeworld of Bajor. So I was sad when Michelle Forbes turned down the DS9 role. But now at last, Ro has found her rightful place on the former Terok Nor — at least in the Star Trek Online universe. (Which also released some new screenshots recently.)


The Star Trek MMO continues to post segments of the future history of the universe, after the last underwhelming movie, Nemesis. They provide lots of wish-fullfillment for TNG/DS9 nerds, like the news that Keiko O'Brien had become a big wheel in the Cardassian relief effort last time around. But the news that Ro Laren, finally out of Federation custody, has joined the Bajoran militia and become head of security for DS9 is an extra thrill for us Ro fans.

In other news, the Emergency Medical Hologram from Voyager sued to keep custody of his portable holo-emitter, which Starfleet wanted to take to a facility on Galor IV for study. The EMH argued that the holo-emitter was necessary for his quality of life and performance of his duties. The Starfleet judge advocate, that notorious softy, granted a temporary injunction against the transfer of the emitter. (Seems to me a more potent argument is that the emitter is future technology that Starfleet shouldn't even have yet, and attempting to duplicate it violates the temporal prime directive.)

Also, the Romulan empire is still in chaos after the events of Nemesis, and Praetor Tal'aura attempts to tighten her grip by convening a new Senate that's in her pocket. Meanwhile, the Bajorans are demanding that hundreds of Cardassians stand trial for war crimes, but those alleged war criminals keep disappearing from Cardassia. Cardassian conspiracy? Or something else?

I still have no idea if the MMO will be fun or worth playing. But I'm enjoying the random updates on the future of Trek probably more than is healthy, especially now that the franchise is sailing backwards. And here are some new screenshots:

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