It's Monday, and the spoiler machine has cranked into overdrive, with a whole weekend's worth of spoilers. New Transformers 2 concept art allegedly shows two villains in a whole new light, and there are sassy new Wolverine pics. Plus Sci Fi showed two tense clips from the upcoming Battlestar episodes. And there are 23 new pics from the Doctor Who Christmas special, including desktop wallpapers. We have exclusive 2012 scoopage. Plus there are deathly, major spoilers for Lost, Benjamin Button, Dragonball, Heroes, Chuck, Sarah Connor, Sanctuary, Fringe and Knight Rider. Because the spoiler machine eats Mondays for breakfast.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Newly discovered concept art purports to show what Ravage (in his beast mode) and Megatron will look like in the Transformers sequel. (Is it just me, or is Megatron looking kind of obscene?) Much bigger version at the link. [Transformers Live]


Eagle-eyed reader Colin says he spotted Woody Harrelson filming a scene at a mall in Hamilton, Ontario. "He is dressed up in a hospital gown, and kind of beat-up looking, and a cop is running after him and tackles him... So my understanding is, he is [a] character that predicts the end of the world, and I take it that they dont believe him, and he possibly escaped from some sort of hospital." That jibes with how Harrelson described his own role, as the guy who predicts the end of the world, but nobody believes him. [Thanks Colin!]


Minor spoiler, I guess. Comedian Teruyuki Tsuchida says he turned down a role in this movie, where he would have played someone who gets attacked by Piccolo because he has a dragonball. (So the spoiler is that PIccolo is attacking people who have dragonballs, as you'd probably expect of him.) So if you see James Marsters out in public and you're carrying a dragonball... just hide it, okay? [DBtheMovie]


OMG it's Wolverine! And he's got the stabby claws, no matter whether the skies are clear or stormy. Because that's how he rolls. [Movies Spoilers]

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button:

Here are a couple of clips from the upcoming Brad Pitt weird-wrinkly-baby movie. [SpoilerTV]

Click here to view this embed.

Click here to view this embed.

Battlestar Galactica:

Looks like Admiral Adama is not having a great time, in these two new clips from season 4.5, which aired on Sci Fi on Friday night. [Battlestar Blog]

Doctor Who:

OMG, more pics from "The Next Doctor" than you can shake a garish waistcoat at! [SpoilerTV and Planet Gallifrey]


Othersville has gotten a spiffy new makeover, and now it looks all fresh and new. There's a big vehicle servicing center (for the freshly painted Dharma van and jeep) and it features a new version of the Dharma logo, with a wrench in the middle. The place where Kate was kept prisoner is now the Processing Center, with pictures of new recruits, up to 1976. There's a yellow lab tied up out back (Vincent?).


Meanwhile, one fan saw the filming of a scene with Hurley driving a VW bus, with Sawyer in a Dharma jumpsuit, plus Jack in shirt and tie, and Kate. Also, the Dharma people appear to be building a teepee-like structure out of wooden poles on the beach.

And finally, it sounds like we will get a flashback to Charlotte's childhood, possibly explaining where she was born, according to the latest Transmission podcast. [Hawaii Blog via The ODI]

Meanwhile, Lance Reddick says Abaddon spends an entire episode bopping around with Locke, as you've probably gleaned from the set pics. And Abaddon definitely thinks he's a good guy, whether we end up thinking that. [SpoilersLost]


Episode 13 will be called "The Transformation," according to J.R. Orci's Flickr stream. Does that mean it'll feature Transformers? [Fringe Bloggers]


Hey, speaking of episode titles. The last episode of "Villains" was called "War," and then it changed to "Duality," and now it's changed to "Duel." OK? OK. [Heroes Spoilers]


Episode 8x16 is called "Turbulence," and fans speculate it's a Chloe-Jimmy episode, dealing with the turbulence of their new marriage. [OSCK]

Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here's another promo for tonight's episode.


And here's a new promo for tonight's Chuck as well.

Knight Rider:

The super-car show is filming episode 17, which could be the last ever episode. Are you sad? I'm sad. If you want to see some location pics, with no real spoilers, click on the link. [KRO and KRO]


It's like a law that every show about monsters has to have a Fight Club episode, and Sanctuary is doing theirs this Friday. According to star Amanda Tapping, it brings back a character you never thought you'd see again, and is a great episode for Robin. And then next week, the show does its Cloverfield episode, with a whole episode full of handheld camera action focusing (or not focusing, rather) on a monster hunt in a warehouse.) [Sci Fi Wire]

Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.