To everyone who wonders what the point of remaking The Day The Earth Stood Still is, you're not alone. In fact, one of the first people to question the remake was the new Klaatu himself, Keanu Reeves. Is he one of us after all?

Reeves talked to the LA Times about the new version of the classic, which is released this Friday:

I'm not a big remake guy so the question was, 'Why?' ...Scott [Derrickson, director of the remake] had a why. He had a real respect, not a reverence, but a real appreciation for the original. He thought that story of the alien coming to Earth with a warning, a perspective outside of what humans can see, was a worthwhile tale, and he's right.

Worthwhile, yes, but doesn't that mean that everyone could've just watched the original and gotten exactly the same worth? Or is the sight of Jennifer Connolly and Mad Men's Don Draper looking concerned somehow more helpful in teaching us an important lesson?

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