We knew January's auction of Battlestar Galactica stuff was going to be huge, but we didn't realize quite how big. They're auctioning bloody outfits from late night Cylon torture sessions, President Roslin's crazy pills, just about everything that ever sat on Adama's desk, Cylon resurrection tubs and life-size Cylon raiders, priced at a mere $30,000 to $40,000. We've collected a gallery of the most amazing and bizarre set items.

I have to say I'm most excited about Romo Lampkin's glasses, but very disappointed they didn't have his dead-cat-filled duffel. And on a side note should you be the lucky person to purchase the Raider, um, can I come over?


The auction will be held in Pasadena on January 17 and 18. Check out the 160 page catalog and start saving up for Ellen Tigh's seduction outfit or your very own radiation badge. There's also a stack of concept art and design work up for auction as well that's absolutely worth wading through.

Meanwhile, on a more spoilery topic, after thumbing through this mammoth catalog I've noticed an excessive amount of Zak Adama crap that no one really should feel compelled to purchase. Pictures of Zak and Starbuck being all cutesy, the portrait used at his funeral, his childhood bike and more family pics. Granted, they're also selling Roslin's phone off her desk, but still, it makes you wonder.