Here's the teaser poster for Knowing, the "numbers are bad" apocalypse movie starring Nicolas Cage, and it looks strangely familiar . . . Could it be the "menacing globe" that almost every genre film has pasted onto their posters as well? Methinks yes. The wide shot globe poster has been done from E.T. to The Core. If you don't believe me, check out the gallery of globe shame below.

The globe poster is about as over done as the looking-though-the-hot-lady's-legs shot (or A-frame posters). I know what you're thinking: "Meredith this isn't fair some of these movies are set in space - what is Apollo 13 to do?" I call shenanigans on that. The close-up of astronaut Tom Hanks is worlds more interesting than the space shot of the Moon and Earth.


Knowing follows Nicolas Cage as he unearths an old time capsule from a group of 1950s era tykes and discovers one of the letters is actually a set of bad numbers that predict all of the terrible disasters in the world, but uh oh there's one big disaster still yet to happen.

Knowing poster via AICN.