Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale: Through a series of correspondence with journalist Benjamin Cook, Doctor Who executive producer Russell T. Davis gives an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the relaunched series. He explains how the series is planned and how he works with the writers, and includes scripts, notes, photos, and artwork from the show. $29.45 from Amazon.

The Time Traveller's Almanac: This handy, fully illustrated guide to time-space teaches you all you need to know to about the species, places, and notable figures of the Doctor Who universe, as well as little known "facts" from Earth's own history. $21.94 from Amazon.

Doctor Who Laser Battle Set: Reenact the Doctor's battles against the Master with this set of screwdrivers. Choose the Doctor's sonic screwdriver or the Master's laser screwdriver and try to hit your opponent five times before they hit you. $59.99 from Think Geek.

Dalek Voice Changer Helmet: Have your friends and colleagues cowering behind the sofa by donning this helmet and yelling "Exterminate!" The death beam lights up, but will not actually disintegrate your coworkers. $79.99 from Think Geek.