The Zen of Zombies: Sure, they may be the mindless undead, but zombies have a lot to teach us. They move at their own pace, go after what they want, and don't worry about the rules of polite society. This how-to guide helps you tap into your inner zombie. $10.36 from Amazon.

The Zombie Survival Guide Deck: A handy pocket-sized version of Max Brooks' classic book, these cards offer a quick and easy reference that should prove vital in the even of a zombie outbreak. $12.55 from Amazon.

Dismember Me Plush Zombie: Practice dismembering the undead from the comfort of your desk or home. Tear off the limbs, head, and torso of this zombie toy, and he'll just come back for more. $12.99 from Think Geek.

Brain Gelatin Mold: You may as well practice eating brains with this brain-shaped gelatin mold. The mold creates a gooey, lifelike brain and includes instructions on how make a sugary gray matter substitute. $6.99 from Think Geek.