Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog DVD: Joss Whedon's musical comedy about an aspiring supervillain in love was a web hit and is available for pre-order on DVD. The DVD features musical commentary, making-of features, and fan-made applications to the Evil League of Evil. Available for $13.49 from Amazon.

Serenity Complete and Official Map of the Verse: Plan your smuggling route with this map of the multi-star Serenity Verse. Perfect for learning more about the Verse, roleplaying, or just to hang on your wall. $26.95 from Quantum Mechanix.

Buffy and Serenity Comics: For those who miss Buffy, they can get caught up with the Season Eight comics. The most recent collection, Wolves at the Gate was released last month, following the events of The Long Way Home and No Future for You (You can get all three books from Amazon for $42.18). The second Serenity comic collection Better Days was also released this fall, and takes place between the Firefly television series and the Serenity film ($9.95 from Amazon).

Serenity Ornaments: Tree-having Browncoats can appreciate these Christmas ornaments, which depict the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity. $17.99 from Entertainment Earth.