Colonial Fleet Propaganda Posters: So that you will never forget the Cylon genocide of the 12 Colonies, these posters will remind you to do your civic duty and keep your eye out for toasters. Get all five posters for $29.95 from NBC, or the "How to Spot a Cylon" poster for $19.95.

Cylon Toaster: Celebrate BSG's favorite racial slur each morning. This handsome appliance burns a Cylon centurion head into one side of your toast and the phrase "Frak Off!" into the other. $65.00 from NBC.

BSG Themed Tees: The BSG store at NBC offers a wide range of Galactica-themed apparel, or you can head over Enclothe to grab a "Baltar is My Homeboy" t-shirt. Of course, Neighborhoodies offers these stylish "Cylons are for Lovers Hoodies" designed by your friends at io9.


Cylon Action Figures: If you've got $8590 to spend on your BSG-loving loved one, you could drop it on this life size Cylon Centurion. But an 8" New Caprica Centurion is much more economical ($14.99 from Think Geek), as this Head Six action figure ($20.00 from NBC; also available in Caprica, Apollo, and Hot Dog) and BSG MiniMates ($9.00 from NBC).