We're all worried about climate change, but few of us have really considered the cool new vehicles we'll get to use when the world become a snow-blanketed mess like in The Day After Tomorrow. Luckily, the Russians are all about getting through the 100-year winter in style. Here's a late-50s Victory aerosled design by Russian engineer I. Kamov. And it's not just crazy concept art - we've got the pictures to prove these babies are already hotrodding the frozen plains.

According to Dark Roasted Blend, these vehicles were used for mail delivery in remote Siberian regions.

And here's the ultimate mobile home for a lifetime of winter. This is the Russian Kharkovchanka, an all-terrain snow vehicle that could move at 40 kph and climb 30 degree inclines.

As you can see from this cutaway shot, there was plenty of room inside: Even a nice four-seater table for long talks over hot kasha and yak butter.

The Kharkovchanka were also the stylish vehicle of choice for Russian exploration in the Antarctic.

And of course, you'll want a weaponized sled vehicle for fighting the mutants who evolve to withstand extreme cold. Here's one concept design for a deadly ski-doo.

The Russians used these to battle the Nazis in 1942.

Hey, what was good enough for the old-school Soviets is good enough for me when the long winter comes. Especially if caviar and perogis are somehow involved.

Inspiration and images from Dark Roasted Blend.