In H.P. Lovecraft’s proto-zombie story “Herbert West - Reanimator” the titular doctor uses a serum to whip reanimated corpses into frightening violence. In a new free game online, you get a chance to become West. Your mission: Bring the dead back to a semblance of life while making sure no one gets eaten.

In “Carrion Re-animating!” you play Herbert West and have captured and killed several of the local townsfolk for your depraved experiments. But when the relatives of your victims show up on your doorstep looking for their lost loved ones, you need to quickly reanimate the corpses before they call the police. If you match the wrong zombie with the wrong relative, the relative is zombie chow. If you are too slow in getting them their zombie, the relative calls the cops. A moustached narrator tells West’s story from an armchair, adding a touch of Masterpiece Theater to Lovecraft’s world.

The game is available as a free download from Zombie Cow Studios and is sadly Windows-only.


Carrion Re-animating! [Zombie Cow Studios via The Escapist]