Can we please talk about how Liev Schreiber is going to beat the piss out of Wolverine? Forget the anger about Gambit's stripper shirts and the fact that a lot of the characters have no business in this story. A new crop of pics from what appears to be the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer are getting me excited to see Schrieber go 100% rat shit insane on screen and sell it with every inch of this crazy toothy grin.

Victor Creed is a bad, bad man and Liev Schreiber has the acting chops to possibly pull off someone this deeply disturbed without looking like a one-note murderer. Creed is tough and for the first time I think we'll be getting someone who will help us relate to his struggles. No we're not going to agree with his actions, but at least now we'll see some of the reasoning behind his motivations. He won't be just one big lumbering bully.


I'm especially excited about the execution scene you see above where after getting shot down by a firing squad Wolverine and Victor heal in mere moments.

All the new pics are starting to confirm that this movie will be action boy-mutant heavy with loads or war and death which is fine by me. Let's make less with the kissing and more with the killing. The only thing I'm worried about now is all the studio meddling that we got wind of a few months back.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine will open in theaters May 1, 2009.

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