Monday's bumper crop of spoilers includes a new clip from The Day The Earth Stood Still, and J.J. Abrams talking Trek. Russell T. Davies takes a sledgehammer to all your theories about the Doctor Who Christmas special. Plus, the Sci Fi Channel aired another batch of Battlestar Galactica teasers and clues — including a mysterious voice shouting that he doesn't want to be human. There are even more Transformers 2 toy pics (really), and another Wolverine image. Plus spoilers for Lost, Fringe and Sarah Jane. Warning: These spoilers will confound your very wits.

Star Trek:

This movie is, as you've probably gathered, the "origin story" of how the Enterprise family came together, says director J.J. Abrams. And when we first meet Kirk, he's incredibly cocky, yet aimless and trying to figure out how to use his power. Spock, meanwhile, is logical but conflicted because of his human half. And Eric Bana is an incredibly scary bad guy, who has a "great story." And he hopes there will be sequels. [TrekMovie]


Meanwhile, remember that traffic copter video of the Trek set we posted back in February? People have sort of rediscovered it, and have been reposting it and comparing it to the footage in the recent trailers. Speculation is that it's filming of the sequences on the ice planet where Kirk meets some kind of monster.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

I'm starting to wonder if we should just stop posting toy pics for a while. In any case, here are the best pics yet of the Soundwave toy, and the new version of Bumblebee, with a slightly different head, and new weapon design. More pics at the links.
[TF08 and TFormers via TransformersLive]

The Day The Earth Stood Still:

A two minute preview clip aired during the final episode of The Shield, and it puts some stuff we've seen before in a shiny new context. Also, there's a new TV spot that's charmingly misleading, making it seem like Keanu and Gort are enemies, or something.

I really want somebody to make a Dancing Gort music video now.


Here's another new promo pic of Wolverine, and this time he's put on a jacket. [IGN]

Battlestar Galactica:

The Sci Fi Channel aired another promo for the second half of BSG season two, plus some more "clues" to the final Cylon, during the James Bond marathon. Who do you think is shouting "I don't want to be human"? [Teaser-Trailer]

Doctor Who:

We already showed you the cover of the Radio Times featuring the two Doctors plus Dervla Kirwan. But the inside of the magazine also includes some interesting info. The RT went on set to watch a scene set in a steampunk-looking Cyber-Victorian engine, which is actually Torchwood's HQ, the Hub, redressed. There are cogs, chains, fireplaces and steam, with street urchins shoveling coal into buckets and pouring oil into funnels. The David Morrissey Doctor sneaks into the Cyber HQ and watches the scene. He brandishes a piece of alien tech and then tells the David Tennant Doctor, "We could set them free." And then Dervla Kirwan shows up with a Cyberman and says, "Let the industrial revolution begin!" Oh, and it sounds like the black-helmeted leader of those Cybermen is the Cyberleader.

Also, one of the photo captions showing the two Davids reads: "Two Doctors in one place? David Morrissey and David Tennant deal with a temporal paradox." Is that real? Or just a photo editor getting overzealous. In any case, writer Russell T. Davies says the inclusion of Morrissey's Doctor "hints at interesting possibilities in the show's future. Let's just say regeneration is a complicated process, and never as simple as it seems."


Also, Morrissey says his character is "the ultimate character, really. But a tragic character, too. Something terrible has happened to him. Over the course of the episode, bits of what happened are revealed... But all those questions my Doctor wants to ask about himself and his past have to be put aside to save London from destruction." Also, he says the two Doctors become great friends over the course of the episode. (Sounds like Morrissey's Doctor is suffering from amnesia?) Also, Morrissey talks about borrowing from past Doctors' performances, as if he really was playing THE Doctor.

(For what it's worth, the idea that this special is based on the audio play "The One Doctor," about a fake con-man Doctor, is purely a rumor, and I've had my doubts about it for a while. On the other hand, I'm absolutely sure there's some chain-yanking going on, when people hint that Morrissey may actually be the next Doctor.) [SpoilerTV]

Sarah Jane Adventures:

Meanwhile, on the show's spinoff, Mrs. Wormwood, the evil Bane leader, joins forces with the Sontaran Kaagh, whom Sarah Jane defeated in the season opener. [SpoilerTV again]


I think we never mentioned this... Patrick Fischler (Mad Men) is going to be playing a corporate security guy (probably working for Dharma) in the eighth episode of the island castaway show's fifth season. [SpoilersLost]

Also, Nestor Carbonell says he'll be in nine episodes of the next season. [SpoilersLost]

And here's a splodey new trailer:


Chance Kelly, who plays rogue FBI agent Mitchell Loeb, says his character might end up being a good guy, who had a decent reason for shooting Joanne Ostler: "The broad might have had it coming, kidnapping little kids." [Fringe Television]


Also, in tomorrow night's episode, Massive Dynamic will find out that Olivia has John Scott's memories stored in her brain, which may force the company to take some precipitous action to get hold of them. [Fringe Fanatic]