If you've ever wondered what your house would look like after the giant rubber space pillow invasion, French designer Paul Coudamy is here for you. Coudamy is the weird brain behind ideas like all-cardboard offices, and in his installation "Espace Gonflable" he inflated a giant black bag inside a house and climbed inside.

It's got that look of the suburban home where E.T. hangs out after the government comes in and covers everything with plastic tubes. Coudamy advises that this freaky rubberized interior effect can be created anywhere you like, as long as you blow the bag up inside the space so that it sticks nicely to those interior shapes. He adds that if you need a door into the pillow, you can just cut one anywhere you want. So flexible and adaptable! C'est formidable!

Espace Gonflable [via Paul Coudamy]