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50th Anniversary teaser flies through the history of Doctor Who

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We're just over a month away from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, and while this teaser doesn't give us any footage from "The Day of the Doctor," it does celebrate the history of Doctor Who.


The BBC also released this image of the Eleven Doctors all in a row:

Illustration for article titled 50th Anniversary teaser flies through the history of emDoctor Who/em

"Day of the Doctor" airs November 23rd.

Doctor Who Trailer to Celebrate the Last 50 Years [BBC via Bleeding Cool]

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James Whitbrook

Do not care one jot that it's not a 'real' trailer for TDOTD. We'll get that soon enough, considering it's rare for the BBC to run dedicated trailers more than a month off (7B's trail, for example, came out just under a month to go... so we should get it soon!) - but this... this lovely bit of loveliness. This pleases me.