The movie may still be half a year away, but that doesn't mean that you can't start learning about the backstory of JJ Abrams' quasi-Star Trek reboot already. Thanks to Intel, we can meet the man who could've stopped the new version of James T. Kirk being such a rebel. Also, clues to how Star Trek technology works, if you can read technobabble. Mild spoilers ahead.

Intel, a promotional partner for next year's Star Trek movie, have updated their tie-in Starfleet Shipyard site with new information about the USS Kelvin, which you can see being destroyed in the latest trailer for the movie. Alongside explanations on how various parts of the ship work (For example: "The Kelvin’s phaser turrets can either fire bolts of high concentrated energy, or beams of less power to slice through the shield or hull of an attacking vessel. Plasma is passed to a phaser emitter resulting in a discharge of nadion particles." Stirring stuff, I think you'll agree), we also get to see short bios for four of the Kelvin's crew... including one George Kirk who, as we already know, is killed by a time-traveling Romulan, starting off the entire movie.

(Other crew members include Iron Man villain Faran Tahir, following his guest appearances in Chuck and Lost and continuing his apparent quest to appear in all nerd-friendly possibilities. I look forward to his inevitable Fringe guest spot.)


What's most interesting is this apparently random tech detail which perhaps suggests just how Papa Kirk is going to die:

If this keeps up, we won't need to see the movie at all by the time it's released in May next year.


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