Welcome to Black Friday. We've collected a shocking number of spoilers to fortify you before your shopping rampage. Including exactly what Keanu Reeves is up to in the Day The Earth Stood Still remake, and what Hugh Jackman says will happen in Wolverine 2. Plus, Geoff Johns totally gave away the identity of the villain who fights the Legion in an upcoming Smallville. Plus, we find out which dead Lost characters we'll be seeing again, what Jack gets up to in Torchwood, and just who might be dying in Heroes. All this, plus spoilers and pics from The Road, Transformers 2, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, Eleventh Hour, Pushing Daisies, Stargate Atlantis, Kyle XY and Chuck. Spoilers are fortifying!

The Day The Earth Stood Still:

IESB visited the set of the Keanu-anchored remake, and has a few new deets. Klaatu travels across the universe to warn us of an impending global crisis, but military leaders insist on treating him like a threat and deny his request to address the world's leaders. So Helen (Jennifer Connelly) and her stepson Jacob (Jaden Smith) discover the "deadly ramifications" of Klaatu's claim to be a friend to the Earth. They have to convince Klaatu that humanity is worth saving, but it's already too late — the "process has begun."


In one scene, Klaatu is in restraints in some kind of Army decontamination chamber. Helen comes in and Dr. Granier (Jon Hamm) tells Helen that Klaatu is dreaming. Then Klaatu kicks at his restraints. Granier tells Helen that "it" recognizes her, and she should speak to "it." Helen leans in and tells Klaatu her name, and says he has "nothing to fear from us." Klaatu repeats her last few words slowly: "Fear... from... us..."

John Cleese plays a serious role as the guy who makes the argument for humanity's right to survive. Also, the "sexual tension" between Klaatu and Helen is being saved for the sequel, director Scott Derrickson jokes... I think. [IESB]


Here are a couple new promo pics of our furry, knife-handy friend. Click to enlarge. [TheMovieBlog]

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman says he'd like the second Wolverine solo film to deal with his character going to Japan and messing around with Yakuza and samurai. [MTV]

The Road:

Here are a couple of new pics, which look as haunting and bleak as all the others we've seen. [IGN]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Our day is not complete without toy spoilers. Here's a tiny pic of what purports to be the movie version of Wreckage, a Decepticon, repainted in its original concept colors. [TFW2005]


Which dead characters will be back next season? Christian Shephard will appear at some point during the season — but that wasn't him running amongst the extras in the trailer. Meanwhile, Claire isn't a regular during the fifth season, but we will see her at some point during the season. (And of course, she's back for all of season six.) As for Charlie, actor Dominic Monaghan says he's talked to the producers a bit about how his character could come back. But it's all up in the air, for now. [E! Online]


Here's a longer version of that new season five trailer, including a few new Desmond bits. [Doc Arzt]


What's happening in the third, shorter, season of the Doctor Who spinoff? Says John Barrowman:

Well, you'll find out more about Jack's dark past and a lot about Gwen too. There's going to be some deaths, some new faces, some surprises and an event that will almost destroy the world. There's also going to be a shocking event instigated by Jack that people will be totally floored by.

Also, the dearly departed Tosh and Owen get mentioned. [Planet Gallifrey]


Ari Graynor (Sopranos, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist) is joining the show as Olivia's younger sister, who's dealing with some man trouble back home and needs to crash at Olivia's place for a few weeks. The exact nature of the man trouble isn't clear — but she brings a little kid with her. She'll be in at least three episodes, starting in January. [EW]

Battlestar Galactica:

It's been a few days since we shared any quotes from a BSG castmember about how the final episodes will reupholster your couch and put hair on your chest. So here's James Callis, talking to the L.A. Times:

It's quite — do we use the phrase "space opera"? There is something operatic about the ending of the show, only in the sense that it's like a full orchestra. Imagine very single person in the cast represents an instrument, and you've heard their theme or fugue. And then all the instruments play together. Everybody involved in this thing together — it's like the '1812 Overture.' Not only have you got all of the violins and the flutes, you've also got the flipping cannons they brought off Napoleon's ship, blowing off the roof. It's going off with a bang, this thing... Honestly you can't be disappointed. I think if Adolf Hitler were back, he'd be crying in his handkerchief.

So there you go. BSG's ending is bawling-Hitler good. [L.A. Times]


Fans are speculating that Sandra Bennett will die, and that will force HRG to abandon his morals. (What morals?) And that Peter will get his "empathic mimickry" back by the end of the next episode... and the first power Peter gains will be Samedi's invulnerable skin. Too bad Peter tries to use his new steel-hard skin to protect the Haitian and Nathan from gunfire, forgetting that powers don't work when the Haitian is around. Also, here's a clip from Monday's episode, featuring Seth Green and those wacky comic-store kids. [2 Comic Book Store Guys]

Matt Parkman actor Greg Grunberg posted some pictures via his Twitter feed. It looks like Matt and Peter turn into mutants, and Ando gets an awesome all-female posse. [Greg-Grunberg]


The identity of the villain that Clark and the Legion Of Super Heroes will face in the Jan. 15 episode? The Persuader. Says writer Geoff Johns: "He’s this futuristic assassin, he’s dressed like an executioner, and he has one of the coolest weapons, an axe that could slice an atom in half. He can slice Clark, so he can slice anything." Dude! Also, the show will have built up to a huge climax in the Doomsday/Chloe storyline, and then the Legion shows up and complicates everything further. The show is full of Legion mythology, but is friendly to casual viewers. It asks questions like: "Do you make your own destiny? Is it written in stone? Do your heroes live up to your expectatons?" [MTV]

And here's an extended version of that midseason trailer. [OSCK]

Click here to view this tvpromosntrailers.magnify.net embed.

Kyle XY:

This superteen family show is back in January, so it's almost time for me to write a giant rant about why everyone should give it a chance. This season, the evil science group Latnok will finally reveal itself to Kyle, and he'll get a new love interest. Plus, the Tragers will get a new house guest, and it's the last person Amanda wants under the same roof as Kyle. (Jessi?) [TV Guide]


Here's a new promo from Monday's episode.

And here are some clips, plus interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. [Multiple Verses]

Click here to view this superexcitement.magnify.net embed.

Click here to view this superexcitement.magnify.net embed.

Click here to view this superexcitement.magnify.net embed.

Eleventh Hour:

Good times ahead, in the show's Dec. 11 episode, "Flesh":

When co-eds on spring break fall prey to a flesh-eating bacteria, Dr. Jacob Hood searches for the cause and a cure.


Stargate Atlantis:

In the show's final episode, "Enemy At The Gate,"

The Atlantis team rushes to destroy an advanced wraith hive ship before it presents a threat to the Earth.


Pushing Daisies:

Here are hints about the next two episodes, airing in early December:

Episode 2.08 - Comfort Food [Dec. 3]: We see a young Ned at boarding school, making and enjoying pies and a party with the other boys before getting in trouble with the headmaster. Chuck and Ned prepare to un-dead her father for a minute to learn about a mysterious, possibly dangerous man named Dwight. They argue about who should question him first. When it comes time for Ned to touch him and re-dead him, Chuck comes up with a deadly plan to keep him alive without Ned’s knowledge. Ned and Olive compete in a food cooking competition that they lost two years ago and one of the contestants is murdered.

Episode 2.09 - The Legend of Merle McQuoddy [Dec. 10]: Olive and Emerson investigate the strange death of lighthouse keeper Nora McQuoddy. Ned finds out Chuck’s father is “alive” and they have to deal with the repercussions.


And here's the official description for the Dec. 17 episode, "The Norwegians":

When Emerson turns down Vivian's request to look into the sudden disappearance of Dwight Dixon (Stephen Root), she turns to another PI team, lead by Emerson's bitter rival, Magnus Olsdatter (guest star Orlando Jones). Magnus and his cohorts are relentless Norwegian gumshoes, ejected from their own country, whose snooping may reveal all of Ned's and Chuck's secrets.


Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.