If you spend an hour every Monday evening* wishing that you could slap some sense into Heroes' Nathan and Peter Petrelli, don't worry; you're not the only one. But here's a Black Friday treat for you, just in case: Greg Beeman, director of Monday's episode of NBC's superhuman soap, lets slip about the recent slapping match between actors Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia, all in the name of method acting.Writing on his blog about the making of the episode, Beeman explained,

My favorite scene is the one where Peter and Nathan get in a fight, which culminates in the appearance of Jimmy Jean-Louis. The scene was very well written and had a natural escalation in the conflict between the brothers. It got to some core issues that I think haven’t been said as bluntly before. Milo and Adrian got pumped up for this one and came at it with strength. I think, in general, I was pushing for them to get angrier and grittier and yell more – to really let loose. But I’m always impressed by how much power Adrian can have when he goes soft. One of my favorite line readings of the scene is when, after being challenged by his brother, Nathan says “I’m a US Senator, you’re a nurse.” If I remember right, this line was scripted to be yelled, but Adrian went very soft and intense and I think the line is more cutting and powerful that way. But, one story I must tell you, is that, for some reason, Milo and Adrian decided to pump themselves up for this scene by taking turns slapping each other on the back of the neck as hard as they could. I’m not sure how this brilliant idea got started, but I remember looking over and watching these two goofballs just smacking each other with all their might. There would be a loud CRACK! That echoed in the fake jungle and then, whoever had just been slapped started jumping around yelling, “Ow ow wow! Sonofab*&ch!” “Ah…” I thought to myself, “Ah, The Stanislavski method at work.” If you don’t believe me check out the pictures below. One is of the back of Adrian’s neck with welts in the exact shape of Milo’s fingers on it.

Sure enough, here's the proof:

There's something weirdly satisfying knowing that it's as painful to make Heroes as it is to watch it these days, isn't it? [Beaming Beeman]