Welcome to the spoiler zone! We've got a pumped-up looking new picture of Wolverine from his new movie, and even more Transformers toy pics. A new rumor claims to have narrowed Battlestar Galactica's final Cylon to just a few suspects. Some new Smallville script pages reveal a pretty unexpected plot twist. There are details on some new characters joining the casts of Lost and Heroes. More details on the new star of Doctor Who and just what he'll be doing with the TARDIS. Plus new spoilers for Knight Rider, Supernatural and Chuck. Nobody escapes the spoiler zone unspoiled. X-Men: Origins: Wolverine: Empire Magazine had a cover with a new pic of Hugh Jackman as the Canadian claw-wielder. [Screen Rant]

Meanwhile, producer Jeff Katz says one word sums up Logan in the new movie: "Badass." The film is darker and yet more intimate than the other X-movies, and the bit in the Comic-Con trailer where Wolvie tells Sabretooth he's going to cut his head off pretty much sums up the whole film's tone. [Cinemablend] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: More Soundwave toy pics. Apparently this is what his "satellite" mode looks like. More pics at the link. [TFW2005]

Ooh, and here's a video. [Transformers Live]

Meanwhile, writer Roberto Orci says the sequel will probably be longer than the original movie. [TFW2005] Battlestar Galactica: SyFyPortal claims the final Cylon is one of five people: Laura Roslin, Felix Gaeta, Ellen Tigh, Cally Tyrol and Lee Adama. (Although, didn't Ron Moore already say it's not Roslin or Adama?) SyFyPortal's rumor gets a bit of a boost becuase Michael Ausiello at EW linked to it, possibly confirming it comes from authentic sources. Or it could just mean Ausiello thought it was interesting. I would take it with a bit of a grain of salt. [SyFyPortal and EW] Doctor Who: Rich Johnson at Comic Book Resources is absolutely sure Paterson Joseph is the new Doctor. He also says the TARDIS control room will get a new "desktop theme" in 2010. [CBR] Lost: A new character, Marty Jankowsky, is appearing in at least two episodes of the new season, around the ninth or tenth episode. He'll be played by Eric Lange and will have some off-island scenes. He may be a professor of some type. Here's his description from the casting call: "40s to 50s, Caucasian, very smart and controlling. Marty has his own way of doing things and god help you if you cross him and/or try to alter his very precise process. A deep and free thinker he uses his fierce intellect as a weapon." [The ODI] There's also a new casting call for the tenth episode: the show is seeking a domineering and quick-tempered Arabic father who feels he has to teach his son a lesson about being a man. And his twelve-year-old son who's sensitive and scared of his dad, and knows he's a sad disappointment to daddy. Plus there's an upper-class Russian named Ivan, who's lived the good life, but now his gambling debts have caught up with him and he fears for his life from the Russian mob. [SpoilersLost] Heroes: More hints that a lot of regular characters will drop dead in the "Fugitives" arc — apparently this is related to the fact that the show is looking to cast someone in his forties to play a member of a bomb squad, who's called in to defuse "an explosive situation." [EW] Also, Greg Grunberg says episode 3.17 is a huge episode for Matt Parkman, and all the Heroes are on the run together from Hunter and his team. The Heroes have to use their powers, together and individually, to escape from Hunter. And we will see Molly again this season. Grunberg also posted a few set pics from the "Fugitives" arc, showing HRG, Matt and Mohinder hanging out. (So maybe HRG doesn't die soon?) More pics at the link. [The ODI]

And here's the Canadian promo for next Monday's episode:

Meanwhile, the title of 3.13, the last episode of "Villains," has changed from "War" to "Duality." Here are some pics. [The ODI]

Also, One Tree Hill/West Wing vet Moira Kelly will be playing a Homeland Security agent in at least one episode of the "Fugitives" arc. And another recurring character is Luke, played by Aliens In America's Dan Byrd. Luke has the power to generate microwaves strong enough to fry people. He goes on the road with Sylar seeking adventure, but will probably end up de-brained. And the upcoming death we mentioned, which derails a big love story? It's not Elle, but rather another recently introduced blonde hottie. (Daphne???? Or maybe Tracy.) And Claire finally does get to step up and be a big player in the fight against evil, in an upcoming episode. [E! Online] Chuck: Here's a sneak peek at next Monday's episode, featuring the Awesomes: Click to view Smallville: There's some speculation that the Legion of Super Heroes will teach Clark to fly. [OSCK] Some casting sides for episode 8x15, "Infamous," have turned up, and they're pretty insane. Clark gets outed as the alien who's behind the "blue blur" who's been saving people. (One random person on TV questions, early on, why the "blue blur" didn't save her husband who died in an accident recently.) It sounds as though Linda Lake, returning to write for the Daily Planet, plays a role in outing Clark. And Clark finally comes clean, but then his life becomes very complicated. Lois gets charged with treason, and Clark has to rescue her from some agents. Clark volunteers to answer the government's questions, but then a government scientist wants to do tests on him. People start mobbing him and demanding autographs, and one woman jumps out her window just so Clark can catch her and save her. Clark can't go anywhere or do anything. Chloe gets mobbed by reporters, and when Jimmy's injured the hospital won't let Jimmy come in because of the crushing media attention a friend of Clark brings. Meanwhile, Davis is back working as a paramedic, and he gets a bit of notice because he knows Chloe. Also, Davis gets caught sneaking out some thorazine, which is used to treat multiple personalities. He's desperate to control the beast within. [SpoilerTV] Supernatural: The show is looking to cast a sexy thirty-something doctor who enjoys booze and one night stands, and has her eye on the Winchester brothers. Rrowr. [EW] Knight Rider: The show's 17th episode will be called "Exit Light, Enter Knight." (What does that even mean?) It's about a super-sophisticated bank heist. One cop gets injured and the cop's partner works with Mike to get the injured cop into KITT, who takes him to the hospital. A nine-year-old kid, Maddie, is in KITT as well, and keeps her cool even though her mom is a hostage and she's in a talking car. She agrees to pretend she drove the cop to the hospital herself. The robbery is led by a steely-willed man in black, Steve, who kills two hostages just to make a point. There's a "sniffling wimp" named Derrick in the bank, who's constantly worried about offending the bad guys. [SpoilerTV] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.