The second Watchmen trailer arrived last week, and we're blown away by the crazy OCD detail that goes into every scene. There have been plenty of comics-to-screen comparisons, but the footage is also littered with Easter eggs and little clues as to the direction of the movie. Spoilers ahead.

While traveling down the hallway to The Comedian's apartment (Edward Blake, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the first thing you see is the address, 3001. Nice nod to 300, Snyder. At the New York press screening, Zack did mention that not everything is going to be that obvious.

After the attacker busts into Edward Blake's abode, there's a scuffle that pans across the place, revealing the glorious Chrysler Building in the reflection of the glass walls before Blake goes careening right through it. This high rise is treasure trove of Watchmen and 80s memorabilia, it's littered with little details. When costumed adventurer Rorschach pops inside for a look around, you get to see right inside Blake's closet. Amongst everything else is a framed picture of the Minutemen, and the Comedian's old gun with the inscription "To Edward Blake With Gratitude" on the side which was presented to him from President Nixon. Old Nixon didn't resign in this reality, in fact 1985 will be his 5th term as President because he repealed the 22nd Amendment in 1975, so he can be Prez forever. To the right of the closet (actually throughout the whole apartment) there is a piece of what I'm assuming is Patrick Nagel art, which is unbelievable. Thank god that Zack Snyder knows that even in alternate realities, we still need artists to design the covers of Duran Duran albums.

Here is a closer look at the Minutemen pictures inside the closet, and a pin up of Sally Jupiter which adorns one of his walls.

Now we see The Comedian earn his special guns from the government. In a flashback, Blake and Dr. Manhattan fight in Vietnam. See Blake's delight as he burns his enemy alive? He's a sad, sad man. The legs behind him, that's Dr. Manhattan super sized, who then points to his victims and causes them to burst into gooey little bits. In this alternate reality the Viet Cong surrender in two months.

Moving on, the cast is now at The Comedian's funeral. Dan Dreiberg, or the second Nite Owl, now a little pudgy from the lack of crime fighting, flicks The Comedian's insignia into the grave, but note when the American Flag is draped across his coffin if you pay crazy people attention to detail you notice that there are 51 stars on the flag, because in Watchmen's 1985, Vietnam is a state, thanks to Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian's involvement.

New York's Times Square. Note the Veidt ad in the middle of the city. Seconds later, some sort of electric bomb goes off. Is this the replacement for the squid? Is this what kills a large portion of New York city's civilians?

Next Adrian Veidt fights a man who is no longer wielding a walkie talkie (thanks, censors) in his pimped-out Egyptian-themed pad.

Call it a case of censorship gone horribly wrong. In the trailer Dr. Manhattan's exposed wang is completely blurred out. This is the moment when Jon Osterman appears for the first time in his new blue form, and he should be naked. Was this an attempt to get bloggers to stop posting pictures of his manliness all over the internet? If so, too late. But more importantly, why? Billy Crudup's going to fully exposed for most of the movie anyways, why hide it now?

Laurie Juspeczyk (daughter to Sally Jupiter) beams to Dr. Manhattan's Mars pad to plead with him, and try and convince him to save humanity.

Rorsach gets cornered by the cops and takes the opportunity to plug a little Veidt hair spray, by lighting the SWAT team on fire.

The streets of New York city begin to riot, and Nite Owl jumps to the ground looking an awful lot like the Dark Knight doing a little van jumping.

Nuclear explosions burst about Dan and Laurie, but fear not, this is just from Dan's pervy dream about little Laurie (who was cast surprisingly young in this film). But, unlike in the book, this scene is pretty foreshadowing should they do away with the squid attack in the end and instead use a sonic bomb. But the dream itself is very indicative of the Cold War fear that's still going on in this alternate 1985. After the country's greatest weapon (Dr. Manhattan) flees to Mars, it's only a matter of time before all out nuclear war took place as the relations between the US and Russia in this future were incredibly strained.

Why so serious, Nite Owl? Well, probably because what he's screaming about isn't snow, it is in fact the scattered specks of a beloved friend. Which one? Now that is hard to tell. Many have speculated that Snyder may have changed this ending as well.