We've been waiting months for our first glimpse of the Na'vi, the aliens from James Cameron's new film Avatar. Too long have we subsisted on outlines and blurry set photos of our new alien pals. Well wait no more - in an interview with plan.siete, concept artist Jonay Bacallado revealed a handful of beautiful concept art that he had created for Avatar. Gallery is below.

If they're the real deal, these creatures are truly a nod towards the women warriors of old-school science fiction. We salute you, Cameron and Bacallado, for ushering back in the butt-kicking babe, be she alien or human. Jonay Bacallado's artwork from Mel Gibson's Apocalypto was absolutely gorgeous, and his Avatar art is just as great. Now, I'm not even remotely fluent in Spanish, so there's a small chance that Bacallado was telling the interviewer that these were merely his interpretations of James Cameron's Avatar, but his vision jibes with what we've been seeing and reading, right down to the shoulder armor. Cameron's Avatar tells the story of a planet called Pandora, where humans try to coexist with the local Na'vi race, with some difficulty. The scifi epic filmed in motion capture and stars Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana. The release date is December 2009. [Plan.Siete]