Thank spoilers it's Friday! There's a new Astro Boy pic, and Chris Pine spills some Star Trek sex secrets. (Really.) Even more excitingly, there's another hint about whether, and how, Arnold Schwarzenegger will turn up in Terminator 4. There's a German trailer for The Spirit and new 2012 dirt. Plus startling new Sarah Connor clips, a new Lost music video, and pics of Seth Green and yet another family member on Heroes. Plus bonus spoilers for The Survivors, Stargate Atlantis and Life On Mars. Spoilers are the magic eight ball of the entertainment machine. Terminator Salvation: The speculation continues over Arnold Schwarzenegger's possible role in T4 continues. Director McG supposedly told reporters that the Governator showed up on the lot to film a cameo in the movie, but technology still might keep him out of it. "We’re trying to synthesise a human character with a CGI character and that may or may not have something to do with the T800," said McG. "At the moment it’s not good enough,” he added. “And we’re running out of time.” [TotalFilm via Cinemablend] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: More toy spoilers! Two more images of what may be the official toy of Soundwave (although one site is saying Shockwave) from Transformers 2. Plus an image that someone at TFW2005 cleaned up and improved. [TFW2005 and TransformersLive]

Star Trek: Star Trek will be "sexed up for a new generation," says Kirk actor Chris Pine. He gets busy with a green Orion girl (Rachel Nichols) in one of the movie's two big love scenes. And that scene where Uhura takes her top off will become "mucho famous." (I think it already did.) [E! Online] Astro Boy: Here's a new still from the CG Astro Boy movie. Bigger version at the link. [Cinematical]

The Spirit: The German trailer includes a bit more footage, and somehow it all sounds cooler in German anyway.

2012: In Roland Emmerich's latest disaster movie, Amanda Peet plays the ex-wife of John Cusack's character, who has recently married a super-rich dude. And her family is among the people who don't actually know the world is going to end. Some people, including government and military people, do know about the impending end. But Peet is "a civillian." [Sci Fi Wire] Lost: Last night, a new music video aired during Grey's Anatomy, which included some new footage from Lost season five. Action Hurley!

Plus apparently there's a bit of an easter egg in there: a logo for the fictional Aijra Airlines. [The ODI] Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Here are a couple of clips from Monday's episode. Also, the last two episodes of the year are "Alpine Fields" and "Earthlings Welcome Here." [Sarah Connor Society]

Click to view Heroes: Here are a few pics of Seth Green and Breckin Meyer from their upcoming comic-store dudes guest spot. Plus there are a couple of pics of Hiro's mom, Ishii Nakamura, from episode 12, "Our Father." [SpoilerTV]

Life On Mars: That was a weird cliffhanger last night, huh? I'll have a recap up later. But for now, producers say that we'll eventually learn the truth of why Sam has been seeing the Mars Rover (although he hasn't lately) and the reasons behind the Rover's appearance will open up "a whole new universe." [Sci Fi Wire] The Survivors: Tom Price, the ex-convict played by Max Beesley, is dark and mysterious, but also psychopathic, says Beesley. He's attracted to Dr. Anya Raczynski (Zoe Tapper) but doesn't know how to deal with women because he's been in prison for the past eight years. Plus Tom is a control freak and he loses control of his emotions with Anya. [Daily Mail] Stargate Atlantis: In this Friday's episode, "Brain Storm," McKay's old rival Malcolm Tunney claims to have the cure for global warming. But unfortunately, a top-secret demonstration of Tunney's device creates a life-threatening situation. [Gateworld] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.