Click to viewThe new Star Trek trailer revealed Spock’s inner toil and the color of Uhura’s undergarments, but it left us with a whole host of new questions. Who’s that in Kirk’s bed? Why is Scotty dripping wet? What’s causing all the earthquakes on Vulcan? And where did all those crazy ships come from? We take you shot by shot through the trailer and examine some of the theories and fan speculation. Spoilers ahead.The trailer opens on a red Corvette speeding down a rural road. After a few seconds, we realize that a motorcycle is in pursuit, while something like a police siren blares in the background. Several bloggers note that the license plate says “Iowa.”

As the Corvette comes upon a cliff, it turns suddenly, trying to slow down, and a young James T. Kirk hurls himself from the car.

As he scrambles up the cliff, we hear the car crash below.

Some sort of space cop gets off the motorcycle. His face is covered in metal and we can see the number “924” coming down from his helmet. In a metallic voice, he asks the boy, “What is your name?”

Charles Trotter in the TrekMovie comments notes that the numbers may offer some insight into our metal friend:

RoboCop’s model number is 924

So, it’s probably not a sentient android (since were pre-Data), but this may be some sort of cyborg or semi-autonomous law enforcement. Ever defiant, the boy responds, “I am James! Tiberius! Kirk!”

Once again, we find ourselves on a rural road, following a motorcycle as it drives past distant futuristic structures. A voice over tells us everything we need to know about Kirk: “You’ve always had a hard time finding a place in this world, haven’t you? Never knowing your true worth. You can settle for less, an ordinary life. But you feel like you were meant for something better. Something special.” The motorcycle stops, and now we see a now adult-ish Kirk looking out on a Federation shipyard as it constructs the Enterprise. Yes, the Starfleet shipyard is on the ground.

Now we move to Vulcan and visit Spock’s dysfunctional childhood.

Spock is utterly adorable in his bowl cut and pointed eyebrows, but a steady voice warns him “You will always be a child of two worlds”

Cut to Amanda Grayson, Spock’s mother, holding her infant son while Sarek sits beside her, looking appropriately grave.

A somewhat older Spock appears before what looks like a sideways tribunal.

The voice continues: “And fully capable of deciding your own destiny.” Now in Starfleet uniform, Spock beams down to the surface of Vulcan, which is shaking.

Then we switch to a Starfleet hangar where, judging from the shuttle numbers, crewmen wait to be shuttled to the Enterprise.

The voice over to Spock still continues: “The question you face is which path will you choose.” Kirk and Spock are on the bridge of the Enterprise. Spock is in uniform, but Kirk is not (presumably because he has not received a commission). And Kirk has some lacerations around his left eye. Christopher Pike is noticeably absent from the captain’s chair.

The Enterprise leaves its docking station, and goes into Warp.

We cut to a space battle featuring the trailer’s real star: the USS Kelvin.

Back on the Enterprise bridge, we flash briefly on Anton Yelchin as Chekov, who, in his biggest moment of the trailer, sits at his station.

The Kelvin crashes into a huge, oddly shaped ship, enduring its first fiery death of the trailer.

Cinema Verdict echoes my thoughts on the matter:

And were those tentacles? What’s that about?

From Slayer Placemat:

[P]lease, please, please, please don't be Romulan

Back on Vulcan, which is still shaking, Spock escorts Amanda on his arm through the crumbling landscape.

Back on the Enterprise, eye injury Kirk is taunting Spock: “Are you afraid or aren’t you?”

We briefly flash on Eric Bana as Nero as he extends his menacing weapon.

Slayer Placemat notes that Nero’s surroundings look familiar:

But, above him is a now familiar weird tentacle thing in that observation bubble. Which means the organic [tentacle] ship is probably his.

On the Enterprise again, Spock responds: “I will not allow you to lecture me.”

Kirk: “Then why don’t you stop me?” Big mistake, Kirk. Spock’s human side lays the smackdown.

An explosion inside a building blows out two bodies.

An away team skydives along a massive a massive drill that is boring into the surface of Vulcan and causing all that pesky shaking.. A yellow parachute and a blue parachute have been deployed, while a red body continues to fall.

Based on reports from the press preview, the three are Kirk, Sulu, and Chief Engineer Olsen. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of Olsen before, bear in mind that he’s wearing a red shirt. Back on the bridge, the screen displays the wreckage of several ships. This is probably the debris field seen in one of the press clips, the wreckage of other ships sent on a rescue mission to Vulcan.

Kirk (still not in uniform), Uhura, and a few other crewmen dash madly through the corridors, perhaps to warn Pike that they’re headed into a trap.

Christopher Pike sits in the captain’s chair: “Prepare to fire all weapons,” while Kirk stands behind him.

A strange little mystery ship whirls across the screen.

Slayer Placemat’s theory:

This could be a Roumlan shippy thing. Early Romulans were weird and had strange shit going on in the aft hull. Like this whirly-gig critter.

Several commenters at TrekMovie suggest that this is actually future Spock’s “time ship.” Down on Vulcan, Kirk punches a Romulan.

A shirtless Kirk looks under someone’s bed. Judging from the bracelet and the high-heeled boot, it’s either not his bed, or he’s been having a lot of company over.

In one of rooms, Uhura takes off her shirt, revealing a white bra. We hear Simon Pegg say, “I like this ship" in a tone as perky as Uhura's bizarrely 20th Century bra.

Then we get a good look at Scotty, who continues, “It's exciting.”

Why is Scotty so wet? Judging from that heavy jacket and the several layers of sweaters, my bet is that he’s just beamed off the ice planet (see below). On Vulcan again, Sulu displays his awesome fencing skills.

A blue explosion occurs behind the Enterprise, gradually engulfing it.

On Vulcan, Nero looks down at Kirk, who his dangling from a ledge, holding on for dear life. Meanwhile, Nero’s drill sends a flaming beam into the planet.

A voice tells us, “Space is disease…” Sulu shuffles across a ledge, presumably to save Kirk’s ass.

“and danger…” Nero is now in a Klingon prison, trying to escape from a pair of guards wearing Klingon ridged masks.

More explosions:

Now we see the speaker. It’s Karl Urban as Dr. “Bones” McCoy, doing his best grumpy DeForest Kelley face: “…wrapped in darkness and silence.”

On a snowy planet we haven’t seen before, someone gets a blast of bad breath from a giant monster.

The press footage showed Kirk on an ice planet after Spock kicks him off the Enterprise, where he meets older Spock and Scotty. It would seem that he battles snow monsters as well. Now we’re back on some ship’s bridge. Kirk is wearing a command uniform now, and tells Spock, with a clap on the shoulder, to “Buckle Up.” He’s looking suspiciously captain-like in his gold tunic and braided sleeves.

The Kelvin experiences its second fiery death of the trailer. Is this just cramming as much action footage as possible into the trailer, or is there a method to this double madness? Edward Duddy at TrekMovie thinks it’s possible:

Why are there 2 DIFFERENT shots of the Kelvin being blown up? I just noticed it after my 10th time viewing the trailer, ha. Time travel maybe? Something like TNG’s Cause and Effect? Hmm.

We’re back to angry Spock from before. Evidently, Kirk really pissed him off, because he’s got Kirk by the throat now and shows no sign of letting go.

The bizarre tentacle ship drops out of warp.

And, now Kirk gets his mandatory sexing. And who’s the lucky lady? YoJimbo at TrekMovie has it:

ORION SLAVE GIRL…. If you go through the 1080p trailer frame-by-frame you see that the girl Kirk is in bed with has GREEN SKIN! Ahahahaha.

He’s right. If you pause on the HD trailer, you can see she’s sporting skimpy underwear and green skin.

In a hallway on Vulcan, a giant statue tumbles.

The mystery ship reappears.

A blond woman screams while a man in white stands calmly beside her. The consensus on the blogs is that this is Mama Kirk giving birth to the future captain. And if I squint, I suppose that could be Jennifer Morrison.

Inside what appears to be the tentacle ship, Kirk has a gun that doesn’t quite look Starfleet issue. He fires.

An attack ship sails past the tentacle ship.

The Kelvin, in its final appearance of the trailer, sustains heavy damage, presumably before suffering the aforementioned fiery deaths.

Nero closes out the trailer, looking particularly ragged, and says, “The wait is over.”

Well, not for us. We’ve still got six more months to go. [Apple Trailers]