We've spurned "wig spoilers," but we're not above "desktop wallpaper spoilers" here. Especially when they may help to explain just what's up with the Enterprise in the new Star Trek movie. Meanwhile, there's a batch of new Transformers 2 details, including Megan Fox claiming to be a special kind of Transformer. Plus spoilers for BSG, Heroes, Chuck, True Blood, Pushing Daisies, Clone Wars, Fringe, Kyle XY and Smallville. What's next? Widget spoilers? Star Trek: Intel has put up a special promo site for the new movie, and they include three desktop wallpapers. Two of them show the USS Kelvin, the cyclops-esque Starfleet vessel that I believe Kirk's father dies on when Kirk is a little kid. The third shows the "USS Enterprise staging platform." Does that mean the Enterprise gets built on Earth and then has a "staging area" in space? Or am I reading too much into it? (Sorry about the giant Intel logos.) [Intel]

Meanwhile, did anybody else see this new TV spot last night? I spotted it during Sarah Connor or Heroes. Slightly different than the new theatrical trailer, especially the last 15 seconds or so, which are pretty splodey and fun. And different monster footage. I think.

Also, ComingSoon has more details on the 20-ish minutes of Trek footage that screened for journalists recently. Apparently, in the first scene, where we see Kirk hit on Uhura, it starts out in rural Iowa, then a car zooms into a futuristic oasis that looks sort of like Las Vegas. There, Uhura orders a ton of drinks, and Kirk leans out from behind an ugly alien and comments that that's a big drink order for a woman. Uhura tells Kirk she's studying xenolinguistics, expecting him not to know what that means. And he impresses her by saying it's the study of alien languages. Then the cadets beat on Kirk, until Pike breaks it up by whistling. Kirk comments on how loud Pike can whistle. Later, they sit together and Pike lays it on thick, trying to recruit "genius-level offender" Kirk for the Federation, telling him he'll make officer in four years. Kirk rides his motorcycle through the cornfield the next day, then finds Pike and tells him he'll do it in three years instead. And then when Kirk tries to warn the Enterprise crew of the Romulan attack, it turns out Uhura speaks three dialects of Romulan. When he tells Captain Pike and second-in-command Spock his theory, Spock says "The cadet's reasoning is sound." In the third scene, when Old Spock meets Kirk, they also run into Scotty, who's been exiled to Vulcan because his experiments into using Transporter technology on a moving starship didn't work out so great. (He beamed an Admiral's beagle to who-knows-where.) Kirk tries to convince Old Spock to beam up to Enterprise with him, but Old Spock says it's not his destiny. When Kirk and Scotty beam up, Old Spock does the V-sign and says "Live long and prosper." In the fourth scene, the "Romulan drill on Vulcan" scene, Pike beams down to Vulcan, leaving Spock in command and making Kirk Spock's first officer. Then Pike, Kirk and Sulu are in a falling ship along with a redshirt named Olson. Kirk, Sulu and Olson parachute out of the ship to stop that drill, but Olson gets cocky and leaves it to the last minute to open his chute — with hilariously fatal results. [Coming Soon] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: UGO is doing one of its spoiler roundups for this film, and they found a few bits of info that I didn't know. Apparently Isabel Lucas (who's rumored to be a robot in disguise) does a sexy dance in front of Shia, who's sitting down, and keeps leaning into him sexily. Shia is in college to learn astronomy. Also, during the Shia college campus scenes, there's a funny "mom" scene that's so heinous that it made neither Princeton nor UPenn want to be identified as the school in the movie. A lot of the gags in the film are ones that Michael Bay came up with himself, during the writers' strike. Oh, and in the sequel, Megan Fox says she "transforms from a girl into a woman." And since the first movie, Josh Duhamel has become part of an international taskforce dedicated to battling Decepticons. Tyrese Gibson has been promoted to Master Sergeant and is on Duhamel's team. Also on Duhamel's team: Brit Matthew Marsden. And Shia's parents have learned the truth about the Transformers in between the first and second movies. Meanwhile, we'll meet Shia's older brother Eric Witwicky, a personal injury lawyer who's obsessed with having more money than everybody else. We'll also meet a funeral director who buries Simmons, Shia's RA, and the president of Uganda. Also, Starscream is at odds with both Megatron and Optimus Prime, because he thinks they've both been overwhelmed with greed. But then Starscream gets overcome with the same greed as both of them. [UGO] Battlestar Galactica: As we mentioned a while back, Laura Roslin does not appear in the BSG TV movie, "The Plan." This has no bearing on whether or not she dies at the end of the series, because the TV movie is a flashback to events during earlier seasons. (I didn't really bother to debunk reports that her non-appearance in the TV movie is a clue to her fate on the show earlier, because it seemed so obviously wrong.) In any case, E! Online asked actor Mary McDonnell about the show's ending, and she refused to say whether she dies. But she did say:

After I shot and then witnessed the whole arc of the second half of season four, I think it's going to be even better to go through the entire series knowing the end. I really do, I think it will be richer, more potent and more emotional to start over once you know the end.

Notice how she says she shot "the whole arc of the second half of season four"? Sounds like she doesn't die before the end of the show, at any rate. (Or she pops up in flashbacks or dream sequences.) [E! Online] Heroes: As we may have mentioned, the show is casting a kid who's three or four with dark hair or brown eyes for episode 18. Could this be Sylar's son Noah? Also, another Petrelli will lose his powers this season. (Sylar? He's the other Petrelli who has way too many powers.) [E! Online again] And hey, here's some set video of Sylar in his swat gear:

Fringe: As we mentioned, the Dec. 2 episode (the last before 2009) features a bank robber who gets mysteriously stuck inside the wall of the bank vault, and then a member of our heroic trio gets ambushed. Here are some pics. [Fringe Television]

Smallville: We will see the "full version" of Doomsday soon, possibly this week. Davis Bloome makes a "special appearance" at Chloe's wedding. [E! Online] Chuck: What's coming up for Morgan in the next few episodes? Actor Joshua Gomez explains:

Over the next couple episodes he's going head to head with Emmitt and then there's some stuff coming up with Anna that's funny. She comes in and is like "I'm tired of making out in the home theater room all the time. We need to get our own place or do something." And it's the last thing Morgan wants to hear because his whole philosophy is as little work as possible, as little responsibility as possible. Hearing "let's move in together" is like "(makes banshee cat noise)."

Kyle XY: This superpowered teen show is back in January, and I'm ridiculously excited. Says Kyle actor Matt Dallas: "Jessi becomes a much bigger part of the show this year, and we actually start to like her a little bit more. Also, Kyle and Amanda's relationship gets tested." [E! Online] Star Wars: Clone Wars: Here's a still from Friday's episode, "Bombad Jedi," where "Jar Jar Binks and C-3PO team up to save Padmé Amidala from doom at the hands of evil Viceroy Nute Gunray. But the task becomes infinitely more complicated when the Separatists assume that the Gungan is a Jedi." [Warner Bros.]

Pushing Daisies: Wendy Malick and Nora Dunn guest star as the Aquadolls, who "swim for Christ and country," and are like the Sarah Palins of synchronized swimming. (Interesting mental image.) Also, Wilson Cruz plays an important part in Jimmy Neptune's Night Of A Thousand Bubbles Aquacade, as "solo synchro sensation Sid Tango." [E! Online] And in the Dec. 3 episode, "Comfort Food,"

Chuck turns to Emerson for help in dealing with the consequences of her actions, while Ned and Olive compete at a comfort food cook-off that turns deadly when a chef is found deep fried and dead.

[SpoilerTV] True Blood: Kristen at E! Online has some clues to the identity of the killer:

  • The killer is not Sam but, yes, it is someone associated with Merlotte's.
  • It's a "he."
  • The killer has been featured more prominently in recent episodes.
  • The killer was sneak-peeked in last night's ep, but so briefly most people wouldn't notice.
  • The killer attacks Sookie in the finale, and there's a bit of that (if you're looking for it) in the trailer for next week's ep.

[E! Online] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.