In a week that sees the comic book shelves swamped with familiar names from TV, movies and, yes, even comic books themselves, the most interesting release is possibly something that you've never heard of before. It's almost as if science fiction is all about the future again with this week's New Comics We Crave!

If it's comics based on film and television, then this week definitely spoils you for choice; IDW alone is putting out the first issue of Star Trek: The Last Generation (An dystopian alternate-timeline version of TNG), the collection of Transformers Movie Sequel: The Reign Of Starscream, and a 3D Transformers Spotlight on Optimus Prime. DC Comics aren't far behind; they've got both the second hardcover collection of Heroes' webcomics (which is better than the first, but I'll say more about that tomorrow) and the first issue of a new X-Files series being released, alongside Batman: Gotham Underground (a collection of the recent series of the same name about Batman's villains) and The Spirit Special, which brings together some of Will Eisner's original stories that inspired Frank Miller's movie. Marvel, meanwhile, are having a relatively quiet week, but Marc Guggenheim's Young X-Men gets its first collection, while Garth Ennis's non-mature readers take on The Punisher gets a weighty hardcover omnibus all to itself. Less weighty - but no less ridiculous - is Image's Youngblood Hardcover, in which one of the worst comics of the 1990s (by Rob Liefeld, a man who never met a face he couldn't cross-hatch into oblivion) is remixed and rewritten by comics iconoclast (and Ben10 co-creator) Joe Casey.

But even that accomplishment is overshadowed by a book from San Jose-based indie publisher SLG/Amaze Ink: Space Raoul brings together cartoonist Jamie Smart's weird and wonderful tales of somewhat misshapen and inept hero from Space Command. It's childish, doesn't take itself too seriously and is bizarrely awesome; go look for it and you won't regret it. If you don't know where to look for it - and all of the other books from the complete list of this week's new comic releases, then I would suggest you hit up the Comic Shop Locator Service). Go on; embrace your inner child one more time.