This week, take a closer look at Russian scifi epic Inhabited Island to see the bad boy side to the curly headed hero in the new trailer were we finally able to get - Looks like he's not afraid to smear some blood all over those baby blues and kick some werewolf butt. Plus, we've got a closer look at the blood sucking creatures from Guillermo del Toro's Splice and two shorts worth pointing and shouting about.Inhabited Island The new Inhabited Island trailer is out, shedding some light as to what sort of alien creatures our hottie hero will encounter on the foreign planet. It's the year 2157, and a pretty-boy space pilot wrecks his ship on Saraksh Planet. Now it looks like he's going to have to fight werewolves and other beasties.

Splice New pictures from Guillermo del Toro's Splice have arrived over at Shock Til' You Drop. This lovely bald baby is Dren who was conjured up by the mad scientists played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. Dren is an unethical combination of both human and animal DNA.

Antibody This weekend saw the New York Horror Film Fest, which debuted a few new indie shorties including a 20 minute short film called Antibody. This short focuses on patients being kept in a crappy prison for being infected with something that sounds like a zombie infestation. The main character is locked up in a prison with a wheezy next door cellmate and a penchant for vomiting. The audience experiences the whole zombie outbreak from inside the cell of one poor victim. You can watch the entire short movie here.

Burying The Ex And finally, another zombie flick screened this weekend was Alan Trezza's Burying The Ex. Which has the adorable John Francis Daley from Freaks And Geeks and Bones, as Zak the boy who can't seem to get over his ex girlfriend, especially when she rises from the dead. I'm all aboard for scifi horror comedies as long as the continue to use stellar actors like Daley, and keep it short and funny. There is no need for any more Eva Longoria "back from the dead" romcoms.