It's the book that defeated Ridley Scott and Tom Cruise, but that isn't stopping another studio from trying to make a blockbuster out of Isaac Asimov's The End Of Eternity. But is New Regency, the studio that brought us Jumper and The Fountain and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, really the studio to turn Asimov's time-travel tale into something we'd pay money to see in theaters?Variety is reporting that the studio has optioned Asimov's 1955 novel about a future humanity ruled by an overclass called "The Eternity" that changes history to undo disasters that it doesn't approve of - and the one man who could possibly change everything by becoming involved with those who seek to overthrow their time-changing overlords, and plans to get a director on board the project before a script is written. The movie will be produced by Jumper's Vince Gerardis. No planned release date has been announced. New Regency nabs 'End of Eternity' [Variety]