The biggest disappointment of Star Trek: First Contact was the Borg Queen. She shouldn't have existed in the first place — what's next, Borg royal jelly? — but the Bride-Of-Frankenstein design was super underwhelming and lacked a certain zing. Now some original Borg Queen concept art has turned up online, and it shows a few other ways her royal Borgness could have turned out. I like this quasi-Vargas pin-up version. Check out our borgy gallery below.

This concept art comes from Nostalgic G's look back at the making of First Contact, which is pretty fascinating in general. (Including a glimpse of the young Ron Moore.) Did you know that First Contact was originally called Star Trek: Resurrection, and at one point the Borg were going to travel back in time to Renaissance Italy, and try to assimilate a whole bunch of tights-wearing perspective-discovering painters? I didn't, anyway. Check it out, including more behind-the-scenes pics. [Nostalgic G]