This morning's spoilers include an interview with Cloverfield director Matt Reeves about the inevitable sequel — and he suggests a whole new direction for it. Also, there are new rumors about next year's Doctor Who specials, from a real British newspaper. (Not The Sun.) We dug up a buttload of Supernatural script pages. Also new promo pics show a shocking scene of bondage on Heroes, and the return of a missing character on Smallville. Plus, a new Clone Wars pic and My Own Worst Enemy spoilers. Spoilers are like a shaky-cam warning from an apocalyptic entertainment future! Cloverfield 2: Cloverfield director Matt Reeves is still talking about a sequel, and the studio definitely wants one. There are a couple of sequel ideas floating around, but nothing definite yet. One idea is to do a film set in Japan, which after all is the source of the movie's giant-monster inspiration. (And maybe we could learn more about the mysterious Tagruato corporation, and why its name isn't actually Japanese.) One thing's for sure: the sequel won't pick up where the first film left off, and may not feature the survivors from the first movie. Instead, it may be tangentially related, but "intersect" with that night's events somehow. No matter what, the sequel — which Reeves may not direct — won't happen unless it's something awesomeriffic that he and J.J. Abrams would want to watch. [MTV] Doctor Who: Another batch of rumors that the time-travel show's main overseer at BBC Wales, will move to Los Angeles to join her current boss, Jane Tranter. And the newest reports are suggesting that two of next year's one-off Doctor Who stories could film in the U.S. under Gardner's supervision. Previous reports only suggested that one of the specials could happen on our shores. How this jibes with the other rumors about next year's specials, like the one about filming in Tunisia, is hard to say. [Guardian via Planet Gallifrey] Meanwhile, John Simm (The Master) is emphatically not ruling out a return to the BBC's time-travel soap-comedy. [Planet Gallifrey] Heroes: Here are some pics from episode 11, "The Eclipse Part 2." Nathan in bondage! Sadly, no pics showing Seth Green and Breckin Meyer helping Hiro get his memory back with the aid of comic books, which is the greatest plot idea ever. [NBC]

Here's a sneak peek from Monday's episode, where Nathan tries to psych himself up to meet his dad. [SpoilerTV]

And here's the Canadian trailer for Monday's episode, which gives way more of the whole Claire-is-the-catalyst-to-the-superpower-serum plot:

Smallville: Here are some promo pics from the wedding episode, "Bride," featuring the return of Lana, plus Lois wearing an unfortunate orange thingy. [FanPop]

And "Bride" will end with more than one cliffhanger, says TV Guide. The episode (the last before a long break) will have several "shockers" that the audience will have to wait until next year to see resolved. Chloe's wedding day is "a doomed day for Davis Bloome." (Oh, a pun. I get it. Ha.) [OSCK] Supernatural: Some more casting pages came our way, this time from episode 13, "After School Special." They're casting Young Dean, Mr. Wyatt, Amanda and "Dirk Senior." Enjoy!

And in tonight's episode, as you've heard already, guest star Julie McNiven (Mad Men) plays Anna, who can hear the voices of angels. Ruby is the one who finds out about Anna's gift, and she tells Sam and Dean. Anna is locked in a mental institution, because she says she can hear angels. (Duh.) She knows it's the voices of angels, because it's all about the brewing war between Heaven and Hell. And she gets to hear how Lucifer will bring the Apocalypse. A demon named Alistair wants to take Anna to Hell, where he can torture her for information. The angels want her dead, and the demons want her alive. [TV Guide] Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Here's another promo image from Friday's new episode, where Anakin and the gang go to rescue Artoo. And it looks like Captain Rex and the R3 unit get trapped in a nasty spot. [Warner Bros.]

My Own Worst Enemy: In episode 7, "Down Rio Way":

Edward (Christian Slater) risks committing treason while confronting Alistair Trumbull (guest star James Cromwell, “Six Feet Under “) over the facts surrounding his parent’s death. Meanwhile, Raymond (Mike O’Malley) is forced to interfere in the relationship between Tom (O’Malley) and his wife Mary Grady (Missy Yager, "Boston Public") in order to clear up a potentially catastrophic accident. Henry (Slater) disagrees over the validity of his son Jack’s (Taylor Lautner) purchase of a used car.

I watched this show the other day, and I think the whole rebellious-son subplot is the weak link, by the way. [NBC] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.