Just how much trouble is Fox's Dragonball movie in? Our first looks at pics and footage haven't inspired much confidence in the saga of an alien warrior's quest for the seven orbs of power. And some newly released promotional photos (see gallery below) aren't likely to change anyone's mind. Meanwhile, news comes that the film is in reshoots, and its release date — originally August 2008 — has changed once again. Click through for details and pics.

IGN (which is owned by Fox parent company News Corp.) insists that Piccolo does turn a bit greener later on in the movie, and both he and his silly outfit evolve. Meanwhile, apparently the ongoing reshoots are helping to tweak the film, and the visual effects are still being perfected as well. The latest change of release date is only by two days: the film will come out on Wednesday, April 8 instead of Friday, April 10. Supposedly the movie is aimed at avoiding competition from April 10 releases Hannah Montana, a thriller called Case 39, and a Seth Rogen comedy called Observe And Report. But more likely, it's geared towards inflating the opening-weekend gross and getting as many people to see the film as possible before too much bad word-of-mouth gets out. [DBTheMovie and IGN]