Welcome to spoiler Valhalla, where the greatest spoiler warriors go for their reward. Two new Star Trek posters reveal quite how serious Kirk and Spock are. And a blurry Transformers snap may reveal the look of one of the movie's most anticipated new characters. Meanwhile, Summer Glau's Terminator has been sneaking out at night, and going the last place you'd expect to find her, on Sarah Connor. Plus someone you thought was dead on Heroes is (gasp!) not actually dead. There are also spoilers for Fringe, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Pushing Daisies, Stargate Atlantis and Smallville. These massed forces of spoilerage would be enough to overwhelm a lesser spoiler-monger — but not you, lords of Spoiler Valhalla! Star Trek: A couple of newly released posters reveal that, contrary to some of the recent airbrushed images, Kirk and Spock will have stubble. And Spock has a dark side. [TrekMovie]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Another batch of Transformers rumors from toy company meetings. Ravage will appear in the film in "very raw beast mode," meaning a robotic jaguar, like in the original series and Beast Wars. Also, that Chevy Corvette concept car is the vehicle mode of Sideswipe, an Autobot. Megatron's new alt mode is definitely a tank. And Hasbro is gearing up to sell a supersized Transformer, which combines multiple toys, for $50, which probably means Devastator. [Seibertron] Meanwhile, new pics purport to show the action figure of the movie version of Soundwave, who transforms into a satellite and may have Laserbeak with him. You'll need laser eye surgery to be able to make out these blurry pics, sadly. [Seibertron again]

And here's a first look at the new movie's logo, via a T-shirt. [Transformers Live]

Fringe: Here are some pictures from the upcoming episode "Dreamscape," where our heroes investigate a mysterious death at Massive Dynamic HQ. [Fox]

Meanwhile, tonight's episode is "personal" for Broyles, says Lance Reddick. [Fringe Fanatic] Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Next week, Derek and Jesse hold a guy hostage and Derek has to restrain Jesse from beating on him. And here are some pics from the following episode, "Self-Made Man." John confronts the Summer Glau-bot about being out all night, and it looks like Summer has a new friend and they're studying together at the library. (Wondering where this Summer's-chip-is-damaged thing is going — can they actually fix her chip with 2008 technology?) [Fox]

Lost: Matthew Abbadon doesn't believe he's a bad guy, he thinks he's doing the right thing, says Lance Reddick. [Doc Arzt] Star Wars: Clone Wars: In Friday's episode, we get to see R2D2's inner workings for the first time ever. They'll be "splayed" on a work table. And meanwhile, Anakin, Ahsoka, and replacement droid R3-S6 (aka "Goldie") lead a rescue mission to General Grievous' listening station, where R2 is being held. And here are a couple of pics. [Warner Bros.]

Heroes: Sylar and Peter are twins, says Angela Petrelli actor Cristine Rose. And there's a hint that Sylar may actually be getting someone pregnant quite soon. And we will learn for sure who Sylar's baby mama is quite soon — probably during "the Eclipse." Meanwhile, Matt (with Daphne in tow) will look inside the comatose mind of Angela Petrelli. This spring's "Fugitives" arc is about "what happens when everybody finds out about you," says Tim Kring. Plus, not all of the characters you know and love are fugitives — some of our faves will be "doing the chasing," and some characters you might hate are being chased. And HRG will be "playing both sides of the fence" as usual, says Jack Coleman. HRG's "hunting skills will be put to use," but he always has an angle besides "just what he's supposed to be doing." And we may finally learn why we had to save the cheerleader. There will be helicopters, airplanes, swat teams and mano-a-mano fighting, including Sylar vs. HRG. And finally, next week Elle (Kristen Bell) begs for death, and another character has the means to put her out of her misery. (Arthur? Or Sylar?) Meanwhile, we discover the super-powers formula is incomplete — it needs a third ingredient, the "catalyst," which may come from Claire. And even though Usutu's head was just ripped off, apparently things get "pretty hairy" for him in an upcoming episode, and we delve into what happens when you're a precog who can see your own death. [E! Online] Smallville: Clark is going to reveal his secret identity to the world. Also, we'll learn Lex's whereabouts and what he's been up to all this time. [E! Online] Battlestar Galactica: In the first episode after the long break, the Galactica crew discovers Cylon remains on Earth, which sets up an "existential downward spiral" on both sides of the fleet. [UGO] Stargate Atlantis: The next episode, "Remnants," is a bittersweet Woolsey story. His probationary period as Atlantis commander is up, and now the IOA has to decide whether he stays on as Atlantis leader. he's going to be judged by the team he used to belong. And it's a classic "lonely at the top" scenario, because he hides his social awkwardness behind being authoritarian. Meanwhile, Sheppard faces an old enemy, who pushes him to his limits. And a third storyline explores the relationship between McKay and Zelenka, and the mutual respect that's hidden underneath their respective egos. [SciFi] Pushing Daisies: In the Nov. 26 episode, "Robbing Hood,"

Ned, Chuck and Emerson investigate the case of a dead millionaire (Shelley Berman) who may have been murdered by a latter-day Robin Hood (Danny Comden) . . . or his much-younger money grubbing widow (Jennifer Elise Cox). Meanwhile, Lily fumes as the suspicious Dwight Dixon (Stephen Root) begins romancing clueless Vivian.