It's been too long since we've heard word from the creepy-beautiful CG series Chadam. But now we've got these exclusive screen shots showing buddies of our blockheaded hero Chadam. Take a closer look at the citizens of Vulture City where the people are under attack from a mysterious virus and Chadham must use his massive imagination gland to save the town. Plus we've got video of creator Alex Pardee describing Chadam's origins. The still above is Simkin (the half mutated teddy bear character) who has been journaling all over the Chadam myspace about how everybody in Vulture City is scared out of their wits.

This second image is of the character Ripley. Chadam is created using the technology from Unreal Engine 3 that was also used in ground-breaking games Gears of War and BioShock. Creator Alex Pardee Explains the creation Of Chadam: Chadam Trailer:

[Alex Pardee]